Getting a decent family photo for a Christmas card is no picnic at all. You will probably have to take dozens of photos before getting a workable one. This is because you are either trying to stop one of your toddlers from picking their noses. They could also be crying or not facing the camera. Also, some members might be in a mopey mood, so getting them to smile becomes a challenging task. However, in the end, you all know that it’s worth it. Once you have your photo, designing a card is the most straightforward bit. All you need is excellent software such as Mixbook. Just look up the Mixbook Christmas photo cards menu, that allows you to design and customize cards as well as photo books.

If you have been struggling with taking decent photos, then you should keep reading to see the list of things you should do to help you get better holiday photo cards.

1. Select the best time

Parents know when their kids are cranky and restless and when they are the most cooperative. In that case, you should select the best hours for the family photoshoot. You may want to carry their favorite toys or snacks to get them ready and relaxed for the session.

2. Coordinate your theme

When it comes to outfits, it is essential to select a similar color theme. These outfits do not have to be identical. We have all seen those memes of families wearing cheesy matching holiday outfits.

Also, avoid clothes with complicated patterns and logos that take attention away from other members in the photo. This suggestion is not to mean that things should be formal. Some of the members could wear Christmas sweaters, cowboy boots, or place reindeer antlers on their heads.

3. Have some incentives as a plan B

If your efforts to convince your kids to participate in the family photoshoot are not bearing fruits, you should consider using incentives. These could be anywhere from extra hours watching TV and playing videogames to getting a special treat.

4. Don’t try to be perfect

Parents should always remember not to try too hard to get the ‘perfect’ photo. Allow the kids to have fun and even play to make them more comfortable.

5. Choose the right photographer and setting

Getting the right photographer, whether a professional or a friend, is crucial when taking your family photo. If you decide to ask your friend, then the kids will be more at ease since they know them.

However, if you go with a professional, you must do your research and only pick a photographer with years of experience taking family photos. Such photographers are more patient and understanding. These photographers will most likely have useful tips and tricks for getting your kids to cooperate.

Also, choose the right location that is less distracting. Your background should not outshine the people in the photo.

6. Be active

You may want to avoid the conventionally staged photoshoot and go for something more natural. You could decide to have an outdoor photoshoot where your kids play with the snow or one in the house as you decorate the Christmas tree.

Once you have a decent family photo, you can go ahead and turn your photos into cards using Mixbook, which has a variety of card design templates that are customizable. The process is easy, so you won’t have to worry about not mailing your cards on time.