Here is a list of steps to take prepared by the Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer at Zehl & Associates,  If you are involved in an 18 wheeler accident.

1. Remain Calm & Seek To Get Everyone to Safety

Immediately following an 18 wheeler accident, it is essential to remain calm. This may be difficult in the aftermath of a traumatic experience, but calming yourself down is important for making sure you can record the necessary accident information and speak with the authorities.

Once you can look at your circumstances, make sure to get anyone in your vehicle to safety. If they can move and remove themselves from the vehicle, immediately move to the shoulder or an area away from traffic to ensure your safety.

2. Immediately Call the Authorities

Once you are in a safe location, immediately call 911 and report the accident to the authorities. Request that medical aid is sent regardless of whether or not the operator asks, as it will be essential that a medical professional look at everyone involved.

3. Remain At the Scene Of The Accident

In the chaos and confusion following an accident, you may be tempted to leave the scene to find help or contact someone for aid. However, you must remain at the scene of the accident. Anyone involved or may have witnessed the accident should stay at the scene as well until the proper authorities tell them it is okay to leave.

4. Avoid Confrontation with The Other Driver

If you suspect that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol, you may be tempted to become angry or frustrated and confront them about their actions. However, it is much safer if you avoid confrontation with the driver. Allow law enforcement to arrive and lead you through the process of relating the details of the accident. They will have a better ability to handle the drunk driver should they become agitated or attempt to flee the scene.

5. Take Pictures & Videos of The Accident

In today’s world of smart phones, it is easier than ever to record events in real-time. To ensure that you have all the true and accurate details for future recollection, take pictures and videos of the accident if you can operate your phone. Record information such as license, number plates, street names, and the names of those involved in the accident – all information which may prove essential in prosecuting your case later.

6. Contact Your Injury Attorney

Once the authorities are finished handling the accident scene and give you the okay to leave the scene to take further steps, it is important to call an 18 wheeler accident attorney. Let your attorney know what happened, and allow them to guide you through the next series of steps that you should take to ensure that you can prosecute to the full extent of the law.

An 18 wheeler accident attorney will help walk you through the steps you should take, especially if you find yourself shaken or confused. They will help you to collect information, contact the proper authorities, and take the next steps to begin opening insurance claims as necessary.