Let’s face the harsh reality: According to BiofriendlyPlanet, approximately 90% of America’s commercial roofs are not eco-friendly and constructed using heat-absorbing materials. 

This leads to increased energy consumption and other demerits, which can be reduced by installing eco-friendly roofs. Business owners are starting to realize the importance of such roofs. That is why the demand for cool roofs has increased in the last decade and will continue to rise in the future. 

Apart from keeping the building cooler, there are several other benefits of Eco-friendly roofs; we list down 7 top ones.

They’re Easy to Install

Bitumen Roofing or a built up roof, it doesn’t matter. Any roof can be transformed into a cool roof. Not only will it save your dollars per square feet, but it will also cut down the demolition time and the costs involved to clear the clutter. 

The materials used for installing a cool roof are easy to procure and use and can also be reapplied with ease.

 Cool Roofs Are Cost-Efficient

If your building requires roof replacement or new roof installation, investing in a new roof that’s also cool can put a heavy dent in your operating budget. Instead, if possible, try to make the existing roof cool. In most cases, this process is easy unless your old roof is damaged beyond repair. 

The cool roof will also cut down the energy needs, and your employees will feel more relaxed and comfortable. This will translate to better work productivity.

Extended Roof Life

When the roof absorbs a lot of heat, it leads to visible chipping and cracking on the surface. This increases the chances of material wear-and-tear. Cool Roofs can effectively deflect the sun’s rays and eliminate any possibility of material damage due to UV and heat. 

They strengthen the Electric Grid

Urban Heat is a metropolitan zone that is comparatively warmer than the surrounding areas due to higher human activity. Approximately 10% of the peak electricity demand in the United States is due to Urban Heat. 

Cool Roofs help cut down urban heat effectively. They also lower the possibilities of an outage by strengthening the electric grid in the area. 

Improve Human Comfort and Health

Commercial Buildings with conventional heat-absorbing roofs need extensive air conditioning throughout. However, every commercial building has areas that do without Air Conditioning, like a garage. 

By reflecting most of the Sun’s heat and keeping the surroundings cooler, a cool roof will make even the non-AC areas inside your building convenient to work in.

But the biggest difference a cool roof can make is that it can create a comfortable work environment. America experiences significant heat waves and power outages. Your employees and patrons will be happier and more productive, thanks to the natural cooling offered by cool roofs. 

Attracts Eco-friendly Buyers

If you’re listing your building for sale, having a cool roof can increase its value. Business Owners understand the toll a conventional roof can have on their budget. 

This is the reason they would more likely opt for Buildings with green materials. They understand how cool roofs can help reduce energy bills and make people more comfortable inside the building.

Get in touch with a realtor who understands the benefits of a cool roof and can pitch the same to buyers. 


From energy savings to reducing the carbon footprint, there are several benefits to having a cool roof. If your building’s roof is constructed out of traditional heat-absorbing materials, it’s probably the time to consider installing a cool roof on your building.

Considering it’s cost-effective to install a cool roof, you don’t have to think twice.