March 20th was National Proposal Day and an estimated 50,000 people get engaged on that day every year. But that isn’t even the most popular day to propose, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day and even Thanksgiving continue to be the most popular days to pop the question. Although the day for each couple will be different there are a few things you can do to get prepped for the perfect proposal regardless. The following guide should make everything run smoothly.

What to Do Before You Propose?

There are several things to do before you propose. One important thing to do is to make sure your beloved is on the same page. Some couples have already talked about the future. If you’ve had this talk, most likely you know where you both stand.

Those who haven’t may want to start having these types of conversations. They don’t have to be too direct. You can spread out questions about the future and what you two expect from this relationship in a few conversations. People who come from a traditional family may want to talk to parents and express their intentions.

What do You Need Before You Propose?

Okay, you’ve taken care of some things you need to do and now you’re here. The first thing you have to do is figure out the ring size you need. Some couples talk about this beforehand so that there’s no guessing involved.

If you want to surprise your beloved, then it may be necessary to see what ring your loved one wears on that finger and use that to guess the size. After that, start looking at engagement rings, making sure you find one that matches your other half’s style. Some people want something exquisite while others prefer something a little more conservative. Think about it before you make your choice. You can ask friends or family members for a little advice.

Getting Over the Anxiety

Undoubtedly, you are going to feel a little anxious about what you’re going to do. You aren’t the only one who feels like this. There’s a lot of people like you who are worried about popping the question. This is not to say they are worried about not being ready but rather about everything that may happen.

Some worry about the entire process, like if everything is going to go according to plan while others worry about their partner agreeing to get married. There’s a lot that could be floating in your mind, so you should work on reducing that stress. First off, you could take a few moments in your week to meditate to help calm your nerves. It may also be a good idea to try visualization therapy to help you cope with your expectations.

Tips for Popping the Question

Okay, it’s time to figure out how you are going to pop the question. There’s a lot to consider, like if you should ask the question publicly or privately. Some people want the experience to be seen by many people, and if you know what your partner is like, then you’ve got your answer.

If you are with someone who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, then maybe a private moment is the best thing to do. It’s important to make the moment sentimental, so consider asking the question in a place that means something to you both, maybe where you first met. Ideally, you want the place to be something that’ll be there for years rather than a trendy place that might not be there years from now.

Ultimately, you want your big day to be memorable. Make sure you consider hiring a photographer or a videographer to help you capture the moment.