Finding a good renter for your property isn’t always easy, is it? And there are so many factors involved. You want to make sure that you are properly representing your property in the ads you are using, the postings you are making, and the open houses you are having. If this isn’t your strong suit, that’s ok. There are other ways to make sure that you are reaching the proper audience and finding a good suitor. We have a few ideas for you to steal to be able to find a good renter for your property. 

1. Know where to look

Before you start to look, it is important to think about the type of tenants you would like. Do you want a family, a single person, a couple, someone with pets? All of these are vital factors to consider before you venture out to find someone. Once you have decided who will best fit your place, think of where those people would be spending their time. Parks, dog parks, community centers, coffee shops, depending on who you want your target to be, they could be anywhere. Don’t be afraid to scout out places to see where your ideal renter could be located, that way you know where to post an ad.

2. Post effective ads

Posting digital ads on rental platforms such as HotPads can help you, or it can be extremely detrimental to your search if it is done improperly. You want to make sure you create an informative ad, that will draw in future renters. Great things to include on your ad are basics like size, price, in house amenities. But you should also be including pictures, nearby schools, restaurants in the area, if it is close to public transportation, and the list goes on. This will help future renters to filter to see if it is a good fit for them before they even apply. This will also save you in the long run from having to answer tons of questions, and not even get an application in the end.

3. Have a virtual open house

If you don’t want people in the exact space until they are closer to the approval process, having a virtual open house may be a good idea. You can walk them around the place with a handheld camera for them to be able to see the space. This will give them an idea if it will work for them or not. Then no one has taken the time to come to see it in person until they are in the final stages of signing on to rent. They will be able to envision their items in the space and it gives you facetime with them without having to really open your space quite yet. It is a win for everyone!

4. Screen them well before move in

SmartMove has the best tenant screening services out there, so you will be able to see if their credit, financial situation, background, and criminal records are up to your tenant move-in standards. They have credit checks that you can trust, as they are specifically designed for tenant screening. They use ResidentScore which predicts rental eviction 15% better than a traditional credit check does. It also creates a tenant eviction score, tenant criminal report, and income insights report. This will help you to make the best, most confident, well-educated decision possible. By doing this, you are ensuring you have taken every step possible to find a good fit for your property.

5. Call their references

We know this one sounds like a given, but seriously, call the references you ask for! You get them for a reason, so make sure you are putting that info to good use. Ask them questions that you would see as beneficial in getting the answer to. Whether it be if they have good character, a solid payment history, or if they have pets you aren’t aware of. Use the references they provide to your advantage! You will be glad you did!

We hope that whoever you find that they are the best fit possible for your space! Go in with an open mind and you will come out with someone perfect for your property!