Teachers are some of the most valuable people in our society. However, a lot of them don’t seem to realise how valuable their skillset is. There are tons of ways in which teachers can utilise their skills to generate either full-time or part-time income. Many teachers have decided to start businesses, and with the high demand for educational products and services, it’s easy to see why so many are successful. Here are some great ways teachers can turn their skill into a business.

Education Consultant

Becoming an education consultant is a perfect and natural progression for any teacher. In your role, you will be asked to work with various organisations to help develop their curriculum and deal with challenges they may be facing. You might work in specific areas depending on your expertise; you could be asked to help develop better programmes for students with special needs, for instance, or you could work on refining a school’s online offering.

To work as a consultant, however, you will need to have both experience and credentials. Credentials will be very important here, as they will help establish you as an authority and make you more credible in the marketplace. Getting your credentials doesn’t have to be complicated, though. You could get a master’s in education online, for instance, and earn a qualification while keeping your current job. You will then be in a perfect position to fill any consultant role that fits your expertise.

Start a Tutoring Business

Another thing you could do is work as a tutor or start your own tutoring agency. If you’re more comfortable with working with students one-on-one or in small groups, then you could advertise your services or work with an agency. Starting your own agency is a bit more complex, but you won’t have to work directly with students and it could be more lucrative as well. 

Another thing you could do is provide a service that connects tutors with students. You could create an app or site that works like a directory. You could then charge tutors a fee to be on it and earn a commission every time a student hires them.

Students could look for tutors for specific subjects and leave reviews for the tutors they worked with. If you want to find other ways to monetise, you could also sell advertising space to other organisations, or allow tutors to increase their visibility by paying a fee. If you want to look at some examples, you could check out services like TutorCity, LearnPick, or Superprof.

Teach Hobby Classes

If the stress of the classroom is starting to get to you, you could consider teaching special hobby classes. In this case, it would help if you pick something you have a genuine interest in. You could use your pedagogical skills to teach anything from woodworking to fine arts. This is the kind of business you can run on the side too, as many of these classes are in the evenings. 

Also, know that you don’t necessarily have to give these classes in person. Online hobby classes exist as well and there are tons of subjects that can be taught online with no issues. Photography is a perfect example. Platforms such as Udemy and iPassio make it easy for you to sell courses and all you need to get started is a camera or smartphone, computer, and a reliable internet connection.

Create or Sell Educational Toys

There is a big demand for educational toys and this could be a great opportunity for you. Parents want to do everything they can to give their child an edge, and if you are creative, then you could turn this into a very lucrative business. Know that you can either manufacture or source these toys, but they don’t even have to be physical; you could create educational games and apps instead. The goal is making sure that it feeds a demand and that people will actually want to play them.

Alternatively, you may not even have to actively sell toys. Another thing you could do is review toys and give recommendations. People will be more inclined to trust you since you’re a teacher and you might be surprised by the response that you get. You could set up a YouTube channel and review toys there and have a blog to support it. 

You could then become an affiliate either with the manufacturer or the sites where people can buy the toys, like Amazon for instance. This is a low effort/high reward business and, if you manage to build a large audience, it could become a great source of passive income.


Teachers tend to be great writers and working as a copywriter is a great idea whether you want to write yourself or manage writers. While it always helps if you have a great grasp of the language, you don’t necessarily have to be an English teacher to succeed. All you need is a bit of practice and to know what constitutes great copywriting. Some courses and seminars can teach you the ins and outs of copywriting and you could start offering your services to businesses or other educational institutions as soon as you have the skills down.

If you decide to work as an agency owner, you could start earning six figures per year or more if you know where and how to find clients. What really helps is specialising yourself and offering your services to one specific sector, like law, education, finance, or technology. 

You could even specialise in writing speeches. Speechwriters can earn as much as £57,237 per year and this is a field where you can work on your terms. Alternatively, you could build an agency and connect people with your team of speechwriters.

As you can see, there are tons of ways that you can monetise your very valuable skill as a teacher. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to try one or a few of them until you find your niche.