If you’re newly divorced, you’re probably feeling many things right now. Of course, it’s natural for the dissolution of your marriage to make you feel sad. However, a recent study found that a divorce can actually boost happiness. After all, it’s better to be single and happy than in a relationship that isn’t working.

An excellent way to get over a divorce is to reinvent yourself. There are several ways you can do this. You can get a makeover, spend time traveling alone, or focus on a healthy diet and exercise. You can date as a distraction, surround yourself with friends, or find comfort in your family. Remember that it’s okay to mourn your relationship — even if you’re better off without it. Once you’re ready to move on, reinvent yourself with a few of these tips.

Get a new look.

A makeover can boost your confidence after a divorce. You can start small, with a manicure or a new hairstyle. Or, treat yourself to a new wardrobe. It can take time to gain the confidence to go outdoors (even to a beauty parlor) after a divorce. If you’re still mourning but want to get out of your funk — pick from best-seller makeover products online. A fun, easy way to reinvent yourself is with faux mink lashes. You can choose one for a natural look or go all-out and add some glam to your makeover.

Magnetic lashes are one of the easiest ways to reinvent your look without changing too much. And, they’re also more glam than a basic makeover. After all, eyelash extensions are a lot more noticeable than mascara. If you avoid synthetic fiber lashes because of the glue, these mink lashes are perfect for you. To use the magnetic strip lashes, you only have to apply a magnetic liner to your lash line. Then, adjust the lashes onto the middle of your lash band for the most natural look and press down. The magnetic lash will adhere well to your natural lash. After you get your lashes, you can order a new lip color or get a gel nail polish kit for your nails. You can even buy home spa items to help you relax before you’re ready for a makeover.

Reconnect with yourself.

You had a life before your relationship — and you will, after too. An easy way to reinvent after a divorce is to rediscover yourself. Reconnect with the versions of yourself that you had to give up during your relationship. Even in the best marriage, you will have had to make compromises or let certain things go.

Revisit the places you visited alone before your relationship. Reconnect with old friends, and dive back into old hobbies. Of course, you don’t have to hold onto every aspect of the past. It’s just an excellent way to let go of your relationship before you move forward again. After you rediscover yourself, it’s essential to step out of your comfort zone to move on.

Reinvent your body.

Instead of drowning your sorrows in ice-cream, how about getting healthier? Don’t guilt yourself into it — a few weeks of crying into your ice-cream is okay. People often get into a funk after a divorce. Don’t let this hold you back from the healthy lifestyle you deserve. You don’t have to put calorie restrictions on yourself. However, excess alcohol and a high-fat diet can cause fatty acid oxidation and oxidative stress. If lying in bed mourning your divorce leads to too much inactivity, it could lead to weight gain. And, your blood glucose could rise. High blood glucose can lead to problems like diabetes in the future.

Instead, focus on a healthy diet. The beneficial effects will include better blood flow, low body weight, and wellness. And, staying active will help with energy production and lower body fat. However, those are not the only beneficial effects. A healthy diet and lifestyle will also improve your emotional life after a divorce.

Instead of focusing only on a healthy diet and exercise, target cellular health as well. For example, have you heard of AMPK or activated protein kinase? Activation of this cellular energy sensor occurs when you’re low in glucose or exposed to toxins. While AMPK is naturally present in your body, it can decline with age or unhealthy lifestyles. To combat this, you can try adding AMPK supplements to your routine. It will help give you a glucose uptake, add to your healthy diet, and give you a much-needed energy balance. It will also help with better body composition and life extension. Reinventing your body is a great way to begin a new post-divorce life.

Take a vacation.

To get over a divorce, you need space from all the things that remind you of your ex. It includes the areas you lived in as a couple — even if that means escaping to a remote location. A solo vacation is an excellent way to take stock of the situation and start moving on. It’s also a good way to begin reinventing yourself so you can come back and start life as the new you.

You can distract yourself as much as possible, but you will have to be alone someday. Wouldn’t it be better to be alone in a tropical paradise or a snowy ski slope? Spending time on your own will also help you reinvent yourself quicker. You will find out things about yourself you may have forgotten — or didn’t even know. You’ll feel a new sense of independence that can be exhilarating and freeing all at once.

Let go of resentment.

An important post-divorce step to reinventing yourself is to let go of the resentment. Of course, this doesn’t mean giving in to any outlandish divorce settlement demands. It means not allowing any of the bitterness to ruin your emotional health. It’s natural to feel hurt and bitter for a while, so don’t try this immediately after your divorce. Instead, wait till you reinvent yourself in other ways before you attempt this. After a makeover, a solo trip, and some healthy lifestyle changes, you will be ready for it.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how wronged you feel. You will notice a significant reduction in hurt, anxiety, and stress if you let all the bitterness go. It takes a concentrated effort, but it’s worth it. Focus on living your life to the fullest, so the memories don’t pull you into a self-damaging cycle of resentment. To reinvent yourself, let go of all the things that remind you of the bad times.