Whether it’s straight out of high school or later on in life, the search for the college or university that’s right for you takes a lot of time, attention, and research. After all, this is the next step of your academic journey and a major commitment.

However, Full Sail University looks to provide everything a prospective student is looking for, and more, in order to make school selection an easy and wise choice.

Develop a shortlist.

A lot of thought should go into developing a shortlist of schools you would like to attend. Students are urged to think about location, enrollment size, majors and programs, the people on campus, opportunities outside of the classroom, cost, and selectivity.

Full Sail is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools to award associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in a litany of subjects including game design, recording arts, and more.

Besides its main campus located in Winter Park, Florida, just outside of Orlando, Full Sail offers a litany of online programs. This allows for Full Sail University students to not only pursue a degree but pursue that degree at their pace.

Find a major that fits.

When looking into schools, it is important to take a closer look into the subject that you believe will best set you up for success in the working world. Full Sail University’s degree programs are designed for the world of entertainment, media, arts, and technology. Their approach is centered on real-world industry experience and creative problem solving.

Between 1995 and 1999, Full Sail began offering associate degrees in computer animation, digital media, game design and development, and show production and touring; these were later expanded into full bachelor’s degree programs.

As the university grew between 2006 and 2011, the curriculum and degree programs were broadened, adding programs such as a Bachelor of Science in sports marketing and media, and a Master of Science degree in game design.

Delve into different departments.

College rankings can be one tool in the decision process, but don’t forget that academic prestige can be examined on a smaller scale. It’s important to do deep research into the departments you’d be studying in.

Full Sail has seen tremendous growth in its on-campus facilities, most recently Full Sail University’s Dan Patrick School. The Dan Patrick School brought forth a new sportscasting program and instruction by radio personality Dan Patrick himself, as well as other industry leaders.

The Winter Park campus has soundstages, a film backlot, and 110 studios. With an emphasis on real-world industry experience, more than 140 Full Sail graduates found themselves among the crew for Oscar-nominated films this year. Full Sail encourages interaction with alumni and instructors to build the connections that break you into the industry.


Evaluate your financial aid options.

Of course, the cost is a heavy factor in weighing which school to attend. Full Sail University structures its tuition in a unique way that includes expenses such as textbooks, manuals, media, production materials, lab fees, technology fees, and other associated costs.

Full Sail offers scholarship opportunities for qualified prospective students, with several open options to help cut the cost of attending in-person or online.

They also offer multiple options for financial aid, including grants, loans, as well as work-study programs for Full Sail students on campus.

Think fast, but wisely.

While it is important to reach a decision on the school of your choice before select deadlines, it is important to take all factors into account.

Full Sail University’s proven track record within its respective industries, growing alumni list, and rising overall graduation rate, makes it an ideal location to keep in mind. Full Sail encourages students to contact their admissions departments with any questions at all to make their choice an even easier one.