If you love rail travel, then the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok is sure to be journey well worth your time, money and effort. This train journey, it is all about experiencing life at a more relaxed pace than usual and enjoying all the rewards of it all along in the form of the picturesque views that you otherwise rarely get to see. After all, traveling does not just mean just going from one place to another, it is more about how much you ‘experience’ the place and the unique elements that go into making fond memories. Here are five great reasons why a Trans-Siberian rail trip should definitely be on your travel wishlist.

1. To witness the breathtaking scenery


The Trans-Siberian train passes through a vast number of terrains, each with its own sense of unique beauty. From the towering peaks in China to the Mongolian plains covered in snow, to the beautiful wooden houses amidst lush trees in Siberia, this train journey is nothing less than a dream come true for all nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. 

2. To embark upon an adventure of experiencing old-world travel

Traveling in today’s era means boarding a jet plane and reaching your destination in the minimum amount of time. Instead of traveling and visiting the same sites like several other tourists, undertake this train journey and travel back to the time when traveling was not all about saving time but about making memories and having fun while doing so. 

3. To lose track of time

If you are one of those professionals who are submerged under the pressures of a fast-paced life, this train journey will help you relax and rejuvenate. It spans almost nine different time zones and this would surely make you lose track of time. You can leisurely relax, do things whenever you feel like or not do anything at all. Your mind, body, and soul would feel completely refreshed by the end of this train journey.

4. To get to know people from different places


If you know basic Russian or Chinese, then you are in for some great fun on this train journey. The Trans-Siberian Railway has several people from different ethnicities on board and this offers the opportunity for you to talk to them and know more about their way of life. It will always be intriguing to know the insider’s perspectives about Russia and China through their locals. 

5. To make the longest train journey in the world


The total distance which the Trans-Siberian Railway covers is about 9,289 km from Moscow to Vladivostok, covering major regions of Russia on the way. You would have the unique experience of crossing two completely different continents and travel through seven time zones. You should at least keep aside 20 days to make the most of this train journey. 

On this train journey, you will have more than enough time to explore different places, meet different people, and witness nature’s glory. Pick any of the Trans-Siberian railroad tour packages by Firebird and experience the most unique journey of your lifetime.