Creating the perfect resume is not just about your employment history. Keep reading for 5 important tips for creating the perfect resume.

Do you find resume writing difficult? 

You’re not alone. Writing a resume can be an overwhelming task.

After all, no matter how accomplished you are, your resume still has to look believable. But it also shouldn’t trivialize your skills and experience. 

That’s easier said than done, especially if you’re given only one or two pages to do so. But as difficult as writing the perfect resume is, there are tips you can follow to make it stand out.

Here are 5 that will help you craft an effective resume.

1. Make Your Resume ATS-Friendly

These days, it’s not just hiring managers you’ll have to impress with your resume. It also has to get past an ATS or applicant tracking system, which does the initial screening of candidates.

To make your resume ATS-friendly, make sure to study the job postings you’re interested in. Scan the job description, requirements, or qualifications for relevant keywords and don’t forget to include them in your resume. 

2. Highlight Your Accomplishments 

One mistake candidates make when they write a resume is they focus too much on describing their previous jobs instead of highlighting their accomplishments.

They write about their duties instead of calling attention to how they solved problems or contributed to the success of the companies they’ve worked for.

Bottom line: Don’t be a generic candidate. Show employers how you can be their best asset by listing your biggest accomplishments.

3. Be Concise…

…unless you’re applying for a technical job. In other industries, the standard is two pages. For technical sectors though, such as IT, you could get away with more. 

Also, consider if you should be submitting a resume or a CV. If you’re applying for a job in academia, scientific research, or medical field, you’re better off submitting a CV since it’s credential-based. Check out CV templates if you need help writing one.

4. Proofread and Edit

You can read all the resume tips and resume advice you can find online. But if you don’t proofread and edit your work, those tips and advice aren’t going to matter.

There’s nothing more disappointing than submitting a resume or CV filled with grammatical or spelling errors. And while there are proofreading tools you can use, you need to go beyond them.

Get friends and colleagues to review your resume if you can. They can look at it with fresh eyes and give you points for improvement.

5. Get a Pro to Help You Create the Perfect Resume

If you don’t have time or are getting frustrated because you’re on your nth draft and it’s still not coming together, consider hiring a pro. There are companies that offer resume writing services, as well as freelancers who specialize in optimizing resumes and CVs.  

Think of it as delegating a task to someone who can do it best. There’s no need to stress yourself if resume writing isn’t your forte.

Ready to Write Your Resume?

If you feel pressured writing the perfect resume, try to ignore the word ‘perfect’ for a bit. Follow the tips listed here and give it your best try. 

If you find that your efforts are still inadequate, you can seek the help of a professional. Or you can browse our site for more resume tips and advice