Looking to hire a criminal lawyer? Make sure you get the best for your money – here are some important qualities to look for in a good criminal lawyer.

Are you facing criminal charges? Like most people, it is highly likely you don’t know where to start. However serious the criminal charges are, the law presumes your innocence in a criminal trial.

The presumption of innocence is one of the major tenets of criminal law in the U.S. The prosecution must prove its case against you. To fight these charges, you need an experienced criminal lawyer.

The best criminal lawyer assesses all aspects of your case and collects facts for the defense. Your attorney will work closely with you and updates you on all developments on the case.

The rate of wrongful convictions in the US is between 2 and 10 percent.  Some of the problems attributed to this situation include prosecutorial misconduct and poor police work.  Using a qualified defense lawyer can help you avoid wrongful conviction. Keep reading to learn more about what you should look for in a criminal lawyer. 

Main Qualities to Look For in a Criminal Lawyer

While legal representation is crucial, finding the best lawyer isn’t easy. There are so many lawyers and finding the best is an overwhelming task. As of December 31, 2018, there were nearly 1.4 million lawyers in the US. Many of these are criminal attorneys, but how do you find the best one in the crowd? 

If you face any criminal charges, hiring a lawyer should top the list of your priorities. These legal experts handle diverse cases under criminal law.

To find the best criminal attorney, consider the following qualities:

1. Experience in Criminal Law

You should only work with a lawyer who has fought similar criminal cases to the one you’re facing. When interviewing different lawyers, make sure you confirm the most common criminal cases they handle.

You should also ask specific questions about your criminal charges to assess their expertise. All legal experience is not the same. A lawyer who has practiced for decades but has no experience in criminal law cannot help you.
While experience is crucial, you have to look for a lawyer who specializes in criminal cases. Common areas of criminal law include driving under the influence (DUI), sex crimes, embezzlement, identity theft, attempted murder, and manslaughter.

Your preferred criminal lawyer must also have experience in handling any other criminal charge against you. From bribery, child abandonment, perjury, to forgery, a good defense lawyer should have experience handling your case.

Experience is one of the top qualities of a criminal lawyer. To get justice, you need an experienced attorney to handle your criminal case. If for instance you face driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, you need an experienced DWI lawyer.

 These legal experts will know the best strategies that can help you beat a DWI.

2. Great Communication Skills

A good lawyer is not only a powerful orator but also an attentive listener. Many lawyers lose cases because they don’t listen to their clients.  Good communication skills are crucial for the best legal representation.

When interviewing different lawyers on your shortlist, check how attentive they are. If they don’t give ear to your opinion, this will likely affect your working relationship. You should look for a defense attorney who tries to understand your situation.

Many lawyers ignore their clients’ input only to get unwanted surprises in the courtroom. Your lawyer should only build a case with your input at every stage. Great communication ensures your case is solid.

Great communication skills also come in handy during negotiations. A criminal defense lawyer has different legal options to get you off the hook.

To leverage a plea bargain, your lawyer must have perfect negotiation skills. An abrasive nature might look good on TV, but in reality, good communication wins.

A great communicator will find it easy to convince the prosecution to grant you favorable bail terms.  Without such communication skills, you might have to wait for the determination of your criminal case.

3. Confidence

Some criminal cases look bad on paper and only confident lawyers take them. When facing serious criminal charges, you need a defense attorney ready to tackle the prosecution. Such lawyers have a long history of wins in the most difficult criminal cases.

When faced with criminal charges, you need to a lawyer who instills confidence in you. Such an attorney has the prerequisite legal expertise and experience in the system. They work hard on the case and don’t give empty promises.

You can identify a confident attorney right from the start. They are firm and insist on getting things right.  These legal experts don’t accept defeat but come back stronger against the prosecution.

4. Research and Analytical Skills

When thinking of what to look for in a criminal lawyer, most people only think about the legal experience. However, criminal cases require intense research and analysis of information. A good attorney is also a good investigator.

Look for a criminal defense attorney who pays attention to details. This will boost your case by adding important facts. Such lawyers also find the right information to poke holes into the prosecutions’ case.

5. Caring and Empathetic Attitude

Most people fear approaching lawyers out of fear. Anyone associated with the legal system receives a fair measure of suspicions. You should thus look for a caring and empathetic personality in your criminal attorney.

You should find it easy to approach your lawyer at any time for purposes of your case. If the legal expert is not caring and empathetic, you will have a hard time working together.

It is true that a court-appointed lawyer is available for your case. However, these professionals don’t have the experience and commitment to fight your case successfully. It is advisable to hire a qualified criminal lawyer.

Final Thoughts

Using an experienced criminal attorney can make all the difference in your criminal case. Criminal charges are serious, and you could end up in jail or pay a hefty fine. For this reason, you should never fight these charges alone.

To find the best criminal defense attorney, look for these qualities. Hiring the best criminal attorney makes all the difference in your criminal case.