Curious about how to build strong legs at home or in the gym? We have all the tips you need to build your quads and hamstrings fast.

If you’re wondering how to get strong legs at home or at the gym, keep reading because we’re about to break it down. We got you covered with easy to follow tips on how you can make the most out leg day, and build up your hamstrings and quads fast. 

Making Your Workout Plan For Strong Legs 

You’ll want to come up with a work out plan that’s easy to follow and commit to. Before you get into it, do a warm-up of at least ten minutes of cardio and or some stretching. This can help improve the sculpting and fat burning in your legs, while also heating up your muscles for deeper flexibility and range of motion. 

Next, you’ll want to do some basic leg exercises and customize them for your needs. Basic movements like lunges, squats, deadlifts, and calf raise, tend to work your leg muscles the most effectively. 

You’ll also want to try to add some different types of outer and inner thigh exercises such as bridges or lying hip adductions.

Use Higher Reps

Your leg muscles will benefit from higher reps more than other muscles in your upper body. The more reps you do, the bigger the gains you will get in your legs.

Try to do your leg presses, leg extensions, squats and lunges in sets of 15 to 20 reps to really get the most out of these exercises. Also always go with heavier weights for your legs, even with your high reps, to really see results. 

Go Deep

You really want a nice range of motion in your leg exercises to see results. Don’t stop at halfway down or less with your leg presses or squats, really get down!

For each rep of a squat, you should reach the point that your thighs are parallel to the floor. For your leg presses or hack squats, your thigh should be parallel to the machine platform. 

Be Consistent 

Don’t just crush leg day one day a week and then not do it again for a while because you’re too busy looking for a divorce lawyers law office. If you want to see changes in your legs, you need to be consistent with how often you’re working them. Do each exercise in a set, starting small and then building up to higher sets. 

At the same time, make sure you’re overtraining or overworking your legs. They need to recover to really see the benefits of your hard work.

Maintain Good Form

It’s not enough to just do these leg exercises, you have to also do them properly. It’s really the quality of the exercise, not how many you do that lead to better results. Each time make sure you back is straight and you don’t hyperextend your leg muscles since this can cause injuries.

Check Your Progress

Keep track of your progress, and consider adjusting or modifying if need be. If you feel bored or like you plateaued, then mix it up making increasing the number or your sets or trying a more intense exercise. 

Build Your Legs Today 

Now that you know how to build strong legs, start working out. Start small and build up to big. Your legs will start looking great before you know it!