A unique way to celebrate the high school graduation for your child is by sending out special invitations to friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Since high school graduation only happens once, you should create lasting memories by working with unique graduation announcement templates to send out graduation party invitations. Below are a few things to consider when preparing for an upcoming graduation event:

What To Write In Your Graduation Invitation

Here are four crucial things you should include in your high school graduation invitations:

Student’s and Parents’ Names

If you are sending out a formal invitation, be sure to include the full names of the student and the parents. For informal invitations, a first name or nickname will do just fine.

Student’s Photo

Although optional, a photo of the graduate helps enhance the visual effects for the invitation template. A picture of the student in their graduation gown or cap will do the trick.

School name

Of course, the school’s name the student is graduating from should be somewhere in the template.


When is the big day, and where is the event taking place? Also, a catchy phrase like the class of 2021 will sound great on your invitation.

Create Lasting Impressions

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