Sometimes, trying to decide what to do with an outdoor space can get overwhelming. One can go from trying to understand the difference between pergolas, gazebos and pavilions to deciding what kind of couch goes where.

For people with small patios, figuring out what to do with your space may be met with the challenges that come with limited options. But with great ideas, a little planning and some scheming, you can create a beautiful outdoor space.

One of the ways to spice up your outdoor space is by thinking of how much space you have and what you would like the area to do for you. So, here are five ideas for your outdoor space:

  1. Comfort: When thinking of creating a space to relax, couches and fairy lights are in order. It could also have an outdoor fireplace or an egg chair for swinging from side to side and reading a book. To efficiently create a space for comfort and relaxation, it’s essential to think of the personality of the user(s) because different people have different ideas of areas that bring them comfort.
  1. Hosting guests: To properly design an outdoor space where you host friends and guests, it’s vital to think of how much space you can create. For hosting guests, pavilions and gazebos are in order, as you can change the decorations as you wish depending on the occasion.
  1. Gardening: Gardening is another beautiful way to use up outdoor space. Depending on the area you’re working with and the kind of gardening, a pergola can be used. One can also take out a portion of their outdoor space and make out a green area, while the other space can serve as an eat-out or relaxing spot. If you have limited room dedicated to this, you can create a container garden, such that all the plants are in containers and you can have the flexibility of moving things around at will.
  1. Outdoor bar/ Barbecue area: Bar and barbecue areas are common ways that people use their outdoor space. This plan may not need a special construction; however, a sitting place is necessary. It can vary from couches to high stools to benches and a centralized area for a grill or bar, as the case may be.
  1. Movie / Intimate area: An intimate area, just like a relaxing area, can be designed to suit the taste of whoever is using it. To create this space, thinking in lines of cosy and comfortable will help. Therefore, reclining chairs with low lights, blankets and throw pillows are in order. It could also have a fire area and small tables to keep drinks or snacks to nibble on.

A fantastic bonus idea is to have an area with a little bit of all the things you need an outdoor space, and transform it at will. With a change of chairs and lights, a guest area can become an intimate area in no time. So, if you have your own home and don’t have budget flexibility, you can consider using pocket-friendly ideas.