Bringing a new dog into your home is really exciting. The transition can be a little difficult, and your new furry family member is going to need a little time to settle in. You may also need some time to adjust to having a dog in your home. There are some things that you can do to make your home environment safer and calmer for your dog and also a little more manageable for you. Here are four tips for caring for a dog in your home.

1. Stock Up on Healthy Food

There are a lot one-time or infrequent purchases that you’ll need to make when you get a dog. In addition, you’ve got a whole new list of things that you’ll need to keep on your regular shopping list to purchase on an ongoing basis.

Order healthy food and supplements online so you can make getting the things that you need easy. Try to choose a brand that’s formulated by a veterinarian such as Nutra Thrive for dogs. When you give your dog well-made food rather than cheaply-made food, it can have an extremely beneficial impact on your dog’s health and happiness.

2. Give Your Dog Continuous Access to Fresh Water

Dogs need to stay well-hydrated to stay healthy. Hydration is essential for virtually all of their body’s systems.

Dog owners need to be in the habit of changing their dog’s water throughout the day. Dogs simply don’t want to drink water that’s been sitting out very long.

If you have to leave your dog for any significant period of time and won’t be able to change his or her water, consider getting a pet fountain. It will keep water oxygenated, and the sound of running water may get your dog interested in drinking more.

3. Let Your Dog Be With You at Night

Some dog owners put their dogs in a cage during the night. However, the only practical application for putting a dog in a cage is during the process of getting a dog housebroken. Beyond that, caging dogs is not good for them physically or psychologically.

Dogs are pack animals. Part of how they know that they are loved and wanted is by reinforcing the bonds of the pack when it’s time to sleep. Your dog would probably be happiest curling up in bed with you. If you don’t want your dog in bed with you, consider letting him or her sleep on his or her own bed in your room.

4. Be Prepared to Spend Time Outdoors With Your Dog

A happy home life with your new dog also includes getting in a good amount of time outdoors. Pretty much all dogs love spending time in the sunshine and fresh air. What may seem plain and ordinary to you about going outside can seem like an amazing adventure to your dog.

If you have a yard, installing a fence will make it easier for your dog to spend time outside throughout the day. You should be sure about where your property lines are located before you install any type of fencing. Also, new dog owners need to be aware that dogs should not be left outside for a significant amount of time when it’s very cold or very hot out.

However, your dog will most enjoy spending time outdoors when you’re doing it together. Take your dog for walks and visit your local dog park. Moreover, doing outdoor activities together will be good for your dog’s health and your health. The opportunity to be active and spend time outdoors will make your dog’s time inside to be a little calmer and more content.

Ultimately, being attentive to your dog’s physical and mental well-being will make having a dog at home more enjoyable and less stressful for both of you. Give your dog lots of love, attention, and the things that he or she needs so that you can give your furry family member the best possible home life.