When you start talking to your friends about your block chain business and throw around terms like cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum you might just get blank stares in return. Not many people are well versed in the world of cryptocurrency so this can make relating to the public about your service extremely difficult.

For this reason it is extremely wise to invest in a block chain PR firm that specializes in everything crypto. There are certain challenges that apply to block chain public relations that make it completely different from traditional PR. Here are the 4 main differences between block chain and traditional PR.

The demand for block chain PR is growing fast

As we mentioned early block chain and cryptocurrencies have been growing at an insane rate over the past decade, especially within the past few years. Because of this it can be hard for your company to get noticed. You are almost certain to stay under-the-radar when you don’t invest in the appropriate PR services.

The need for block chain PR is growing, whereas the demand for more traditional PR is dying down. Even traditional PR firms have started transitioning into using more digital marketing methods; they are starting to abandon the traditional way of doing PR because soon it will be obsolete.

There are different methods in pitching block chain to potential clients

A block chain PR pitch is nothing like a traditional pitch. The services offered by block chain are unlike anything else; it isn’t a physical product or service you’re trying to market but instead something far less tangible. This means that landing clients and customers is difficult if you aren’t using the right methods.

A block chain pitch has to be done by a firm with amazing persuasion skills and crafty minds. The pitches also need to be concise yet thorough; it is easy to lose a potential reporter or online publication’s interest when you get too wordy about block chain. No matter how passionate you are about your crypto service try to keep things clear and concise.

Block chain needs to be as transparent as possible

Block chain PR requires complete transparency.  You can’t tiptoe around the subject but rather you need to be direct and as clear as day. Here is a tip from one of the leading block chain PR firms in the business:

“You have to be quite a bit more transparent with cryptocurrency and blockchain PR. Considering alternative angles like who of note is investing — like a celebrity or well-known public figure — is important…”

“Maybe your platform also made a lot of money for its pre-sale, which is also something you might want to make known to get more people involved in your community. You’ll want to be sure to include details like ICO date, name of the token, and any notable advisers that you might have.”

The main point here is to use complete transparency about why it is important to invest, who is investing, and specific details. Traditional PR doesn’t require such transparency like this so find a firm that understands the importance of being direct.