If you are one of the fortunate individuals who get to work from home some or all the time, consider yourself lucky.

There are many workers out there who would love the freedom and flexibility. That is to roll out of bed and not leave their homes when working.

So, when you work from home, what should you be doing to get the most out of the experience each time out?

Are Distractions Making it Harder to Succeed?

In looking at how to improve your work from home operations, focus in on these areas:

1. Distractions Make it Difficult – Distractions can make it hard to succeed when at home. With that in mind, are there any specific home distractions getting in the way of your success? One could be unwanted phone calls. Yes, if your phone is ringing off the hook when you are trying to get work done, it can make things more challenging. You may be left more days than you would like wondering who called me. To lessen such distractions, go online and find the technology needed to get to the bottom of such calls. You also want to find technology to help you block and do your best to end such distractions. Another home distraction can be family wanting much of your time and attention. As much as you love those under the roof with you, let them know when you are working and when you are available.

2. Have an office area set up – It is also important to have an office area set up in your home. If you try and work from your bed or couch, it can make it rather difficult. For one, you could be distracted and want to nap more often than you should. Having an office area in the home makes it feel more like you are in fact going to work. A spare bedroom or den tends to be the best options. If you have a garage and are not using it for your vehicle or storage, this can be an option too. That said you may need to do some work on it to make it workable for an office area. For example, if you live in a region where winters are rather cold, heat in the garage would be a necessity.

3. Know when to call it quits – Finally, working from home can be both relaxing and more productive. You are not fighting traffic to commute to work. You do not have office drama or politics playing out. That said one of the issues that can get to some people is to not know when to call it quits for the day. Yes, you need to know when the workday is over and the focus returns to you. If your boss is hounding you at home during all hours of the day, let them know you are not available 24/7. If you work your own business out of your home and customers are too persistent, be sure to set boundaries. For your sanity and physical well-being, you need to know when the workday is over until tomorrow.

In working from home, are you happy with your current set up and how things are going?

Also, what advice would you have for others who call home their workplace?