Who couldn’t use a little more cash in their wallet? Whether you’re in a pinch and need a surge of money, or simply would like to minimize the old things in your home productively, here are three tips to help you convert things you don’t use anymore into money.

Sell Old Jewellery

Do you have a box of old jewellery that you don’t actually wear? Perhaps you have inherited something that’s valuable, and you no longer need to hang on to it for sentimental reasons anymore. Top tier gold buyers purchase used rings, diamonds, necklaces, and old luxury watches, so you can sell your Rolex and many other kinds of high-end watches if you have one.

Beyond jewellery, they often also buy antiques and even luxury bags by designers like Hermes, Chanel and more. Look for a gold buyer that has been in the neighbourhood for years, because that tells you they’re reliable. They should also offer free appraisals.

Popping in to see a gold buyer is a fast way to find out what your valuables are worth, even if you’re just curious and don’t want to sell them right away. But if you change your mind, selling valuable possessions you no longer need is a great way to make a lot of money quickly.

Garage Sale

Setting up shop on your front lawn to sell off your old, usually inexpensive belongings is a classic way to convert things you don’t use any more into money. In a consumer society where people are encouraged to constantly buy new versions of things as soon as the old ones break down, hosting a garage sale is a nice way to get more use out ofyour possessions, and help the community get things they need inexpensively.

Only sell what still works, and don’t sell things like posters or framed art if they look dingy. If you have objects you’re considering selling that don’t meet these standards, throw them out.

Take to the Online Market

The Internet is excellent at finding a buyer for whatever you’re looking to sell. There are numerous places online to post things for sale, from bidding sites to websites that let you define a final price.

Be strategical when you post things for sale: make sure you include multiple photographs of what you’re selling, andthat each photo presents what’s up for sale in the best light possible, literally. Also, clean up the object, so that it looks good in the advertisement.

Buyers online can be wary, so be comprehensive and upfront in your descriptions of what you’re selling, and what condition it’s in. You don’t want someone to show up to your home ready to buy the object, only to walk away feeling misled by the ad — it’s bad practice, and just a waste of everybody’s time.

Purging stuff you no longer need is a good and even liberating feeling, especially when you can convert it into cash. Visit a gold buyer, consider a garage sale, or check out the online market when it’s time for you to get rid of your old belongings for money.