The glass skin effect is a beauty trend that started in South Korea. It’s also famous all over the world. Beauty enthusiasts are fond of showing their plump, super-hydrated, and dewy faces all over social media. The Korean glass skin trend is a signature beauty look that is achieved by a particular skincare routine called layering. By using this method, your skin will produce a glossy sheen that makes it look plump, hydrated, juicy, and shiny like glass.

This Korean trend is radically different from the Western aesthetic of using lots of makeup to cover up and achieve a polished look. Instead, the glass skin routine advocates eliminating or at least using cosmetics at the most minimum and opting for bare-faced, but well-nourished look.

Read on to know more about creative ways to get that coveted Korean glass skin look:

The Standard Glass Skin Routine

The routine for achieving a dewy glass skin look is by performing the following steps in order: double-cleansing, toning, applying essence, applying serums or ampoules, and applying a moisturizer daily. Tony Moly is one of the Korean companies that produce glass skincare products. You can buy their products here.

To start, you’ll have to cleanse your face twice, first by using an oil-based cleanser, then followed by a water-based cleanser. The oil-based cleanser will draw out oil-based impurities like excess sebum and grime. The water-based cleanser, on the other hand, is designed to cleanse pollutants like sweat and dust and also to lift away remaining impurities left from just oil-cleansing.

A toner is applied next to restore pH balance, remove excess impurities within the pores, and also add the first layer of skin hydration. In South Korea, hydrating toners are the norm instead of astringent-based toners.

After setting the base with hydrating toner, a serum is then applied to provide another layer of hydration to the skin. Essences also contain active ingredients to correct skincare issues like dull skin and discolorations, while also priming the surface for the next additional hydrating layers. In this step, you can use a serum or ampoule. The main difference between serums and ampoules is that serums have a thicker consistency than ampoules. People with dryer skin may opt for serums, while individuals with oily skin may do better with ampoules. Serums may also be more suitable during the winter months where the atmosphere is dryer, while lightweight ampoules may be more appropriate during humid summer months.

You can also apply eye cream for overall skin nourishment and hydration. A face mask is used occasionally to boost skin complexion alongside the basic daily routine, about once or twice a week. You can also exfoliate to maximize the glass skin effect.

Finally, apply a hydrating moisturizer once the serum or ampoule absorbs into the skin. The moisturizer can lock in all the previous hydration layers into the skin and seal nutrients onto the skin’s barrier.

Glass Skin Effect Hacks

The standard glass skin routine may prove daunting to most people, especially those who can’t muster the time or discipline to do all the layers daily. 

Thus, here are some creative ways to cut through the routine and still achieve that dewy look:

1. Facial peel, hydrating jelly, and serum

A facial peel is a great way to instantly brighten one’s complexion and prime the skin for nutrient absorption. After a facial peel session, preferably using AHA exfoliants, a hydrating jelly helps hydrate the skin to make it plump. After that, apply a vitamin C serum to maintain that revitalized look.

2. Dewy makeup

Foundations and primers that contain emollients may also be an excellent way to achieve that dewy look on your face instantly. Shimmery highlighters may also help produce an instant glossy look. Proper blending and applying shimmer in the right places is the key to achieving an effortlessly dewy look.

3. Glass skin diet

Nothing beats a healthy diet in achieving beautiful skin. Thus, if you want to make glowing, dewy skin without the rigorous skincare routine, go through treatments, or via makeup tricks, then eating a healthy diet is your best bet. Drinking lots of water is vital to keep you hydrated and retain skin moisture, as well as getting enough sleep.

Final Thoughts

The Korean glass skin routine consists of using alternate layers of hydrating and nourishing beauty products for maximum hydration to achieve naturally glossy skin. The method involves using four or more products that you should apply in a specific order to achieve this desired dewy skin effect. But if all else fails, you can do these creative hacks.