As we enter the 3rd week of 2019, I have a simple question:

How are your new year’s resolutions holding up?

If you made a personal resolution to step out of your comfort zone and do something new and refreshing with your hair, then this post is for you. Make 2019 the year of now or never; make it the year of YOLO.

If you’re hesitant about what styles might suit your look and personality, then read on to discover some of the hottest hair trends that will blow up this year – and the best (pH-balanced) hair care products that make each style possible.

The paparazzi have already caught runway models, red carpet celebs, and Hollywood honchos rocking these hot looks. Now it’s your turn.

Pick one of these five bomb hairstyles and give yourself a glam new look for this glam new year!

The Blunt Bob

This ‘70s-inspired hairstyle is already creating a buzz in the fashion industry. Rocked by some of the most popular names of the modeling and acting industry – Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner to name a few –  it’s the perfect way to tell the world you mean business, at least until the sun sets.

A clean-cut ‘do that leaves shoulders exposed, this classic look is perfect for young professionals who care about their look, AND their bottom line. If you rock it, this hairstyle screams feminine boss.

How to rock it

To capture the beauty of this look, use a pH-balanced conditioner that will ensure your strands – which are obviously shortish if you go with a bob – are perfectly smooth and glossy. This way, both sides are even and symmetrical, and any fingers that find their way running through your luscious locks won’t get caught in a knot!

The Half Up, Half Down

Ideal for a casual outing or a Sunday brunch with friends, the half-up, half-down adds a sophisticated innocence to any below-the-shoulder hair. Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, and Ashley Graham have been spotted rocking this hair-do on stage and on the red carpet in recent months, which tells me millions of celeb aficionados will be adopting this look in the new year. Don’t miss the boat!

How to rock it

Be sure to use only the best moisturizing shampooswhich are pH-balanced between 4.5 and 5.5if you want to evenly part your layers to attain this sultry look. Towel-dry your hair (i know, I know…) and then split your layers about an inch above the ears. This will give structure and volume on top, as your lengths trail effortlessly behind you.

The Salt ‘N’ Pepper look

While ‘salt and pepper hair’ has typically been associated with white men in their mid-life crisis, the quintessential femme fatale of 2019 rocks Salt ‘n Pepper (black and white) highlights, which is fitting for this high-fashion ‘do. And this look isn’t just about adding new colors to your blonde or brunette locks. On the contrary, many are now embracing their naturally-silver hair and embellishing it rather than hiding it. Social media has hyped this trend, now it’s your turn.

How to rock it

The key to preserving the health of hair with any coloring treatment – including bleaching – is to maintain a healthy pH level in and around your scalp and all the way down the length of your hair. This requires shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are themselves pH-balanced in the healthy range for human hair, which is around 4.5-5.5. This slightly-acidic environment is perfect for maintaining the cuticle of your hair strands, which is the outer surface in which the coloring products are infused. By ensuring that your cuticle is protected, you not only lock in the color treatment, but you preserve the health of the entire hair, not just its outer surface.

Super Straight and Glossy

Bridge the gap between elegant and show-stopping when you rock this chic and modern hair-do. To pull off this unique style, long and thin hair is the easiest to work with. If your hair isn’t long or thin, then you need to make sure that it’s extremely healthy and pliable. Recurring theme: this requires pH-balanced hair care products that lock in the moisture and nutrients your hair needs.

How to rock it

First things first, wash your hair thoroughly with a pH-balanced shampoo, and then use a moisturizing pH-balanced leave-in conditioner, brushing it down until dry. Lastly, apply a wet-look gel or oil that will hold your hair flat and leave it glossy, not a single strand falling loose.

Chic Top Knots

This Fall 2018 Chanel Runway-inspired hairstyle is a go-to for anyone in need of a high-fashion up-do without the endless time and effort that usually requires. If you haven’t washed your hair in a few days or you find yourself in a rush, just tie your hair into a ponytail, then twist it into a bun. That’s it!

Leave the ends a ‘lil messy and don’t worry if a few strands fall loose here and there; this look is meant to be disheveled and undone. Finish it off with some high-quality setting spray if you want to add an edge of sophistication to this quick and easy look. This goes best with a plunging neckline and opens back, showing some skin in all the right places.

How to rock it

Obviously, pH is important for your hair’s health (and appearance!) but with this look, all you need is a little will power. However, if you use healthy pH-balanced hair products, then even if you go a few days without lathering, rinsing, and repeating, this look will make a perfect go-to option for ladies who work hard and play harder.

2019, LET’S DO THIS!