Marriage can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but so can being single. As a single man, you are able to enjoy some activities that you simply may not be able to do once married. Not only may your wife not approve of doing some of these things, but you may be too busy taking care of your home, wife and kids to get out of the house with your buddies once in a while. Before getting tied down, there are many different things that you should take advantage of enjoying right now. Have no regrets after marriage by enjoying these top 15 things to do before tying the knot.

As a single:


Traveling is one of the most exciting parts about being single. When you are not tied down, you are able to travel freely without the worry of extra expenses and bringing the wife and kids along with you. Now is the perfect time to head out on your Euro-trip and to see new parts of the world that you may have not gotten the chance to see otherwise. From London to Amsterdam, there are many different locations through Europe that may be calling your name.


It is said that a man hasn’t really lived life until he has dated an older woman. Head out onto the dating scene and see what it’s like to be with someone a bit older and more experienced than you are.


After settling down and having kids, you may not want to take the risk of skydiving. Enjoy this thrilling activity now because you get married.


Head out into the wide open world and climb a mountain simply because you can. Take in the amazing views and this once in a lifetime experience before the risk may be too great for you.


Go sailing alone to any destination that you choose. If you enjoy the wide open waters, this is the perfect activity to enjoy before marriage. Best of all, you can take your time to truly relax and enjoy yourself and the single life.

As an Engaged Couple


This is a great opportunity to strengthen and bond more, you see each other in different situations instead of the usual weekly routine. The insights gained are reals gems and can contribute to a happy and long-lasting wedded life together. 


This is quite an important issue as being engaged to be married includes the responsibility from both traditional and personal values. Your careers also influence your choice and views, so, laying down some early foundations on probable baby time lines  will alleviate future stressful discussions and surprises. A great ice-breaker on the topic is choosing baby names and why.


Very often a person wanted to be with you because of the circumstances in which you met then before you realise it the reason why you got together no longer exists as you feel pressured to let go certain parts of your social activities as they are now frowned upon. To avoid such issues you need to encourage each other to take an interest even if it is an indirect one.


Although the initial novelty of a new relationship will inevitably fade the progress made has to now withstand a major disagreement to define your commitment as a couple. You learn how to argue without ultimatums being thrown around and if you get to this stage and you are still together then be very proud of yourselves as this is a great indication of honesty mixed with a little bit of love plus a romantic after argument make up party.


Just as much as going on holiday together moving in with each other will test your characters and yet to discover annoying habits as we all have them. Learning how to respond to your other half’s imperfections might also help curb, reduce or transform some of them or at least make each other respectfully aware of pet hates.

As a fiancé:


Traveling is one of the most exciting pre-marriage activities to do before you marry especially with your closest buddies as when you are hitched the chances of doing this is liable to be much less. A van tour across Europe, see a volcano, swim in the Danube or camp under the pyramids, free your mind and challenge yourself because your married trials and tribulations will benefit from it.

12.  Your official STAG PARTY,

The key to a successful stag party is a good Best Man (or joint associate to assist him) and a good stag company to handle the reservation process, as organising a full on high adrenaline weekend raging celebration requires nerves of steel and particular creativity. If you choose Krakow as your stag do destination, then Party Krakow’s long and sure fire experience in such matters is your best choice as from the moment you touch down in Krakow, we are here with the Partybus to kick off festivities with drinks & strippers plus activities such as the AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting, Strip Stag Dinners, VIP Club Entry, Pub Crawls, Vodka Tasting with Open Bar, Rabid Dog Chase and an assortment of surprises to send the groom home relatively humiliated but in one piece.


and not only, make your special dishes for when your bride has shift work or stocktaking, as you know it’s so much more satisfying when there is a hot meal on the table when you come home after an exhausting day at work, she will appreciate the meal made with love and flair rather than a bucket of chicken home delivered although even that is ideal sometimes so choose wisely and likewise show willing in maintaining household chores.

14. TEST DRIVE A LAMBOURGHINI (or a different super car you can’t afford),

yep, go hire a Lamborghini or similar for a few hours because after the wedding there will be no chance of this kind of personal luxury and you are stuck with your go faster stripes on the practical supermarket grocery and Ikea furniture visit vehicle. Keep the dream and make peace with your past and take her, the Lamborghini Countach that is, for a blast, you won’t be accused of cheating and it’s your last chance to spend that freely.


singing to her with passion before the wedding day will instil an unforgettable moment in her no matter how bizarre the ode to love may seem or the participants involved, it will always be better than a bunch of flowers and endears you to her whole family and friends, a truly powerful statement that can also be repeated with creativity on your anniversaries of wedded bliss. It is however advised that you have some practise first in front of some public – how about a karaoke bar ?

As a fiancée:

11. YOUMOON with BFFs,

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself with your closest friends even though you can probably do this after you are married the pre-marriage pamper session has that special atmosphere. Spend a few days at a 5 star well-being spa centre abroad or at home and indulge in all the treatments going, unforgettable moments.

12. Your official HEN PARTY,

Similar to a Youmoon but includes family members as well as friends and it’s usually crazier. This can be a 3 day celebration anywhere in the world if you so wish as there are specialised companies providing all services your Maid of Honour decides to set up. Some once in a life time activities the Hen can experience such as White Water Rafting, Pole Dance Lessons or a luxury city cruise on a Mobile Dance Club –Partybus- with an option of a strip artist included.


Release all the stress of planning and organising the wedding day by facing up to a personal fear of yours. When you are actually married the after- shock will not impact you so much because you proved to yourself you can take anything in your stride. Try handling snakes or spiders, climb a mountain or go sky diving, if you overcome those challenges then your marriage is going to be all honey and not just the moon.


That’s right be selfish and go buy that dress, expensive perfume or shoes you put off for obvious reasons. Throw caution to the wind and have a final self-indulgent flurry nobody will judge you as you more than deserve this.


Apart from the vows you take in the service take time out to express your cheesy love feelings why you are marrying him in an expensive perfumed letter and don’t forget a little token gift to go with it as he will also be subject to the tensions of the day and settle him.

The Honeymoon can last for 2 weeks and forever if that sentiment persists and you grow your love and harvest the fruit of it but if you taste only the honey it will eventually leave only you and the moon.