Finding the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone special in your life can be difficult. If you’re looking for a present for an active woman, there are plenty of fun items that will support her healthy lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorites here to help earn you the title of best gift giver ever.

As an obvious jumpoff, gorgeous, reusable glass water bottles are one of our favorite gift recommendations and a must-have accessory that she’ll absolutely love, use, and take with her everywhere. But, you can also consider gifts that encourage physical fitness or mental wellness. For example, you can’t go wrong with a nice yoga mat or meditation app subscription. Here are some other suggestions to get your ideas flowing.

Physical Fitness Gift Ideas

  • Muscle Massager: Anybody who works out regularly knows the pain of sore muscles. Sore muscles are especially common in people who run or play contact sports. There are dozens of great muscle and back massagers on the market, but the Theragun is getting a lot of attention right now. It comes with several changeable heads for a deep tissue massage designed to relieve tension from exercise.
  • Gym Bag: Active gym-goers are always in need of a new bag. Old bags quickly become worn out and smelly from all the sweaty clothes and shoes that go inside. Find a gym bag with a fun design and throw a few accessories inside, like a glass water bottle or some hair scrunchies.
  • Foam Roller: Stretching after a workout is an important step that too many people skip. A foam roller is the perfect gift for anyone who is physically active and needs to focus on muscle recovery. The foam roller can become a part of her routine. She’s sure to appreciate a tool that helps her relieve tension and soreness.
  • Yoga Mat: If you have someone who loves yoga in your life, a good quality yoga mat from a company like Manduka is a killer gift. Even if she already has a yoga mat, dedicated yogis can always use more than one. Some people designate one mat for the outdoors and the other for home or studio yoga sessions. Manduka focuses on making their products as sustainable as possible, so check out their eKo mats that use biodegradable tree rubber.
  • Mirror: No, not a regular mirror like you have hanging in your bathroom. The Mirror is a super cool home workout device. It can guide you through a yoga class or take you through a kickboxing lesson. Okay, but can it make it a smoothie after I’m done? The device itself looks like a giant cell phone that leans up against the wall and walks you through workouts while tracking your progress. The price tag on this gift is definitely high, but it’s a unique and functional gift for the active woman in your life. She’s worth the price.

Active Lifestyle Gift Ideas

  • Smart Watch: For people that love to be active, a smart watch is the perfect way to track your progress and set goals. The FitBit is one of the most popular options, but many people love their Apple Watch for the same reason. The FitBit tracks your steps and calories burned. It even monitors your sleep patterns.
  • Glass Water Bottle: Most women have reusable water bottles but this recommendation will literally end the career of those other bottles. bkr bottles are the actual best glass water bottles ever. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re really good quality, forever reusable, 100% dishwasher safe, come in a million beautiful colors including neutrals that are to die for, and make drinking water actually enjoyable. (They even have the cutest water bottle stickers and matching ice trays.) Their Kiss Kit (their name for a lip balm water bottle–yes those exist and they’re so good) is perfect for active women because it features a lid with a snap-in, insanely good lip balm. Wait, no more putting your lip balm in your bra during a workout? In. bkr bottles are also expertly designed with small mouthpieces, so you don’t spill water all over yourself when you’re working out. And we mentioned they’re dishwasher safe, right? Can it get any easier than just tossing your bottle in the dishwasher?
  • Headphones: Most people enjoy listening to music while they exercise. Music is a great distraction that can pump you up and push you through your tough workout. Although there are dozens of great wireless headphones on the market, we’re partial to the Raycon earbuds. Designed by Ray J, these headphones have superior sound quality and come with a case that charges the headphones when they’re not in use. Once you get wireless headphones you’ll never go back–which makes for a good gift.

Mental Wellness Gift Ideas

  • Subscription to a Meditation App: Living a healthy lifestyle is about more than just physical fitness. Our mental health plays a huge role in how we feel, too. Get the active woman in your life a subscription to a meditation app like Calm to help her sit, relax and calm her mind.
  • Self Care Basket: A self care basket is a fun way to put your own twist on your gift. Purchase items like face masks, a great smelling candle, and herbal tea and organize them into a super cute little basket. You can even make a sign to let her know it’s a “Treat Yourself” basket or “Wellness Kit.” Everybody needs a little self love now and then.
  • Weighted Blanket: If you’ve never tried a weighted blanket, you really should. They’re super comforting and proven to help reduce feelings of anxiety or stress. Plus, for anyone who’s particularly active, they’re so comfortable after a tough workout and a refreshing shower.
  • Handwritten Letter: Few things are as meaningful as a heartfelt letter from a friend, significant other or family member. It may not cost much, but a handwritten letter can mean the world to someone. Tell your friend how you feel about her and what makes her an inspiration to you. We guarantee she’ll tear up at least a little bit. 

Healthy Gift Giving 

For the active woman in your life, a gift that focuses on her interests is a thoughtful gesture that she’ll appreciate. Consider what types of activities she likes to participate in, like yoga or long-distance running, and find a gift that will enhance her performance. Wellness gifts are also great because they let her know it’s okay to take a break from time-to-time. No matter what you choose, we’re pretty sure she’ll love it.