It’s a new year and you are probably looking for the new hottest trends in urban fashion. Look no further as we will show you the best trending fashion brands in 2021.


Stussy has been around for a while now and its popularity has ebbed and flowed. This year it is already taking off with its new streetwear line. Stussy was created by Shawn Stussy, a Californian surfer. The Californian surfer style is very imminent in every seasonal line especially with the popular graphic T-shirts and hoodies that are adorned by streetwear lovers. The popularity of the brand quickly moved away from surfers and skaters and is a popular brand for all millennials.


Palace is an up and coming urban wear out of the UK that is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands that everyone wants to wear. Starting out 10 years ago, the brand was popular among skaters but later became a popular go-to T-shirt brand for all urban streetwear lovers. A lot of their shirts, hoodies, and caps come in a variety of neo old school colors and graphics. Our favorite item is their small label bright hoodies that pop out in a crowd without trying too hard.

Supreme NYC

Many have expected Supreme NYC to go out of style after exploding on to the fashion scene back in 2014 but the New York skateboard brand is making a huge comeback in 2021 with its new line. The new line ditches the common theme of red and white with logo patterns for something more subtle. There are many more color options among shirts, hoodies, and caps but the limited production numbers remain. The expensive urban line is a favorite for winter and summer 2021. We see Supreme NYC staying as an urban wear competitor for years to come with this new bold pivot from the theme that made them famous.


Easily one of our favorite urban brands, Off-White is another great brand to wear this year. Off-White has been made famous by the likes of Kanye West and the Kardashians among other Hollywood celebrities. Virgil Abloh is the lead designer and creator of the bold label that breaks all the rules. He somehow finds time to lead the menswear at Louis Vuitton and create all of the Off-White shirts and hoodies. Buy it and make sure to leave the thick long label on that has become part of the fashion statement when one wears Off-White.


Nike is the original urban wear that still holds the number one title for urban streetwear fans. The iconic brand will always be the most bought item by people with a fashion sense. As one of the most affordable brands on this list, be sure to buy as many hoodies, jackets, and sneakers as you can. Nike is one of the brands that does not change drastically every season, making it a safe bet with great value for money. Nike is another brand that finds its trendsetters in Hollywood or famous sports players and musicians. Our advice is to never skimp out on anything from Nike.

Bape (A Bathing Ape)

Bape is said to have become world-famous thanks to the then young rapper Soulja Boy in the mid-2000s. Wearing Bathing Ape almost every day and also singing about it in his hit song, Crank That, Bape became a brand everyone wanted to wear. From their hoodies to their sneakers, the bold colored brand was a hit. Today, not much has changed. Bape has cemented itself as an urban brand that is here to stay and we recommended it for the 2021 season.


It was Michael Jordan who created the sneaker world we now live in when he released Jordan’s line of footwear. The greatest basketballer of all time released his footwear which started as a basketball trainer but morphed quickly into a fashion statement among young urban fashionistas. Today, Jordan’s are more popular than ever. They come in many ranges and colors. Many have taken a liking to collecting Jordan’s and never wearing them. Yes, Jordan’s is the art collection of footwear that comes in high demand in the Americas, Europe, and Asia alike.


The new kid on the block out of Amsterdam is Patta. Patta started as a side brand in boutiques but quickly became popular and turned into its own mainline brand. This was catapulted after a shortlist of collaborations with the likes of Nike and Carhartt. Today, anyone with a keen eye for a great and uncommon urban brand will know Patta. They are mostly known for their T-shirts and hoodies. These graphic items bring a streetwear meets normcore style that many are starting to turn to. We love their plain white tees that are a favorite for this year.


Carhartt started as a workman’s clothing line. The high-quality brand was worn by craftsmen in many fields. It stayed like that for a long time but somewhere along the line it morphed into a famous brand among hipsters and today many other subcultures. The iconic orange logo can be found on caps, hats, T-shirts, and hoodies. They have now branched out with chinos and even fancy overalls. The best part about their new stylish line of clothes is that they have maintained their workman’s quality. We think the caps and beanies from Carhartt will be a hit in 2021 and expect many will be wearing them.


Lesser-known Undercover is one of our favorite urban picks for the year. The Japanese brand was incepted in the mid-90s but went international in recent years. Made famous by punk rockers in the UK, the brand did a sort of crossover from high fashion to urban and is now loved in the US as well. The brand is most famous for its plain white tees and this theme will continue in 2021. We personally love their hoodies and bomber jackets a lot more.

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