There is a lot to gain from taking a trip to Maui. The diverse activities in Maui ensure that there is something fun to do for almost everyone. From great deals on Maui rentals, getting a tan on the numerous shorelines in Maui to hiking the Haleakala volcano. Maui caters for both relaxation seekers to adventure enthusiasts.

The activities on this Hawaiian island are not just limited to two kinds of people; relaxation enthusiasts and adventure buffs. There also something for those seeking to gain new knowledge and intellectual experiences. People spending sometime in Maui can learn about the inhabitants of Maui’s waters. There are culture and history lessons to be gleaned from exploring sites like the Old Lahaina Luau, Lao Valley State Park and Bayan Tree Park.

Here are 10 things to see and do in Maui

1. Explore Maui in a Porsche Speedster

One thing that beats exploring the many beautiful parts of Maui is doing it in classy style. This class can be gotten by making use of any of the 1957 Porsche Speedster cars offered by Maui Roadsters. This would allow you better appreciate and soaking all of the intricate beauty of Maui.

2. Do the Road to Hana Trip

Maui has a stunning coastline and a major way to get perfect views of it is by driving. With a Porsche Speedster, this is quite easy. While driving and exploring Maui’s coastline, go on the Road to Hana. This picturesque highway is a treasure chest full of beautiful experiences. It twists through enrapturing waterfalls on the island’s eastern shore and the vegetation-rich rainforest. This journey which can be started from Kahului may appear short. However, it does take a lot of time because of the numerous places to pause and marvel at the scenery.

Start your trip early in the day because the road gets congested much later. Also, be mindful of the sharp windy curves along the road.

3. Go Diving with Sharks

Maui Ocean Centre, Hawaii’s biggest and most popular aquarium offers one of the most exhilarating and daring experiences in Maui. This experience goes by the name Shark Dive Maui. As part of the Shark Dive Maui experience, certified scuba divers plunge into the aquarium’s 750,000 gallon tank and swim alongside most of the island’s marine life. The divers in the tank are surrounded by reefs, sandbar and tiger sharks.

If you are a scuba diver who loves adventure, you should try this.

4. Get the Ultimate Pampering and Learning Experience

The Travassa Hana Resort offers a unique combination of solitude, pampering and learning opportunities. At this resort, visitors can get to relax on less crowded beaches surrounded by soothing vegetation. They get to participate in activities like Hawaiian spear throwing, outrigger canoeing, throw net fishing and lei making. They also get to receive lessons on Hawaii’s history and cultural heritage.

This is the complete pampering, skill acquisition and learning package.

5. Go Camping at Lanai

Many travelers do not see why they should include camping into their traveling plans while explore a new place. However, one way to get the best feel of a place is to camp outdoors. There are many amazing campgrounds all over Maui. These campgrounds are in different outdoor locations like along the beach, on the slopes of the Haleakala Volcano and in the rainforest of Maui.

Take your camping a little further by boarding a ferry to Lanai, an island close to Maui and camp at Hulopo’e Bay. Be sure to get all your camping gear from before embarking on this journey.

6. Get a Sky View of The World’s Tallest Cliffs

Hawaii has the tallest sea cliffs in the world. These cliffs are located on the eastern shoreline of Molokai. If you really want to get a vantage viewpoint to behold the sheer magnificence of these cliffs, then you should take a helicopter tour of West Maui and Molokai.

7. Go Stargazing at 10,000 Feet

One of the most memorable experiences you can take home from a trip to Maui is indulging in stargazing on The Valley Isle. Join Jan Roberson to travel 10,000 feet up the Haleakala Volcano to watch the sunset and the stars come out in the Maui skies.

You will get to see a clear view of the sky devoid of smog, fog and air pollutants through a telescope. This view filled with planets and clusters of stars is breath-taking.

8. Eat a Meal in the Clouds

The O’o Farm in Maui offers you an exceptional opportunity to dine in the clouds. This 8.5 acres natural farm located on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano offers a Gourmet Lunch and Farm Tour from Monday to Friday weekly.

The experience at O’o Farm begins with an interactively educative tour of the farm. Here, visitors are invited to join in harvesting the natural ingredients which will be used in making the gourmet lunch.

9. Explore Kahakuloa

In Maui, the Road to Hana gets most of the attention because of its scenic beauty. However, the beauty of Kahakuloa should not be overlooked. There is a lot of adventure waiting to be experienced there. In Kahakuloa, you can drive up the hill to get a grand view from there and to enjoy the local artwork at the Kaukini Gallery, have homemade pie at Lorraine’s and take a picture of Pu’u Koa’e. Kahakuloa introduces you to Maui’s real rural look.

10. Paint a Maui Picture

If you are an artist, an art enthusiast or you would just love to play around with a paintbrush and a canvas, this one will definitely appeal to you.

Get to paint your personal souvenir from Maui. This is done at Island Party where a Partista instructs visitors on how to recreate a Maui painting of their choice. Create your own Maui keepsake as a lasting memory of your trip.

Why hold back when you can begin making plans to have the ultimate Maui vacation?