The rustic style designing is one of the trendiest methods of working on the interiors that people want for their homes these days. Rustic décor brings in the immediate feel of wood and stone and a feel of warm and cozy ambiance. The rustic style comes in from the village and rural background. The rural background has a simple living with earthy shades and texture and feeling which is inspired by the feel of nature. These rustic home décors have the style which is rustic and look time worn with a feel of natural wood inspired from a feel of simple and organic living.

Rustic Walls

The rustic design for wall panels is mainly from different shades of wood colors. It reminds you of the wooden paneling of the early years, which were simple and shadowy. The walls can be painted in different shades of brown and earthy tones with a matte finish. They have the earthen colors of brown and grey which look rustic. The shade of white color can be added to the panels. The walls can be painted with non lacquered paints that can be polished when required. These can have matte or a glossy look and are in muted tone colors. The paneled walls give it an architectural design with rustic style to add to it.


The furniture and décor also done up in the shades of woody colors look great. By adding sofas and chair along with other furniture with subtle colors give the place the warmth and cozy feeling. Adding velvets or other softer textiles and fabrics bring in the style to the place. Even suede and leather fabrics add to the rustic style for designing.

Rustic Decor

Keeping the chairs and stool unpainted and weathered gives it the rustic look. The markets have many tree stumps for sale. Fake tree stumps can be made into stools and tables. These can be kept without painting, since they give the natural feel and look. Artificial landscaping can be done on the walls to make the place look trendy. Artificial jungle vines can be added on the back drops to give the place an outdoor feel.

Knobs and handles

The knobs and handles made of galvanized metal that gives the rustic appeal to the place. They come in various designs and add glamour to the place. The wrought iron handles for the doors give a rustic feel. When it gets weathered over the years it gives it a better appeal.

Floors and Ceilings

The flooring can be done putting big planks which will give the place a rustic feel. The earthen look comes in from the feel of wood and the rustic designing. The look of vaulted ceilings is covered with wood beams to give the place a natural look. Normally logs of trees and wooden beams add to the rustic feel of the room.

Textiles and Fabrics

The textiles should be of fabric which is woven and braided with simple designs. The fabrics used for the sofas and chairs are usually pale white or cream in color. We can add a little color to them in the shades of brown, beige, blue and greens which gives it an earthy look. It is not necessary to always stick to neutral shades of white, grey and browns. To add to the main essence of bringing in the rustic feel we can use warm colors of orange, red and yellow. The color brings in brightness to the place. The fabrics that are normally used for rustic designing are made of cotton and wool and can bear the roughness and are durable.

Other Accessories

We can throw in accessories like pottery, woven baskets, rugs and shawls in the rooms. Candles can be put on the shelves and cabinets. Lanterns can be hung in the hallway or at the entrance to give the place a rustic feel. Earthy wooden crates can be added in the room, which can also act as storage spaces or can be used as tables.

Built-in storage and cabinets

The corners of the rooms can be utilized by putting in built-in shelves for storing books and displaying knick-knacks. The cabinets against the wall add to the storage spaces and also be utilized for keeping things. The countertops can be used to showcase the designer accessories and show pieces.

Adding greens

Putting house plants in the rooms adds to the natural feel of the outside. Adding different kinds of plants and flowers around the house adds to the décor of the house. We can even add artificial bonsai trees in the living room and artificial tree branches around the house in a smart manner. The kitchen can have potted herbs which can be used for cooking as well.

Adding light fixtures

The rustic décor requires good lights or else the woody colors can make the place look dark. Light fixtures made of rustic metal add to the style, that does wonders to the look of the place. Adding a chandelier to the room brings in the style statement for the rustic appeal. It is important to buy the right light fixtures for each room so that the rustic décor stands out.

Big windows are an important aspect of rustic style designer looks. Letting the natural light fill the rooms through the windows is always nice since it brightens the room and gives a natural feeling to the place. The idea of the rustic beauty anyways looks to have the feel of the outside world. Hence the windows add to the style statement for the place.

Interior designing with a rustic style brings in the factors of being natural by using materials which are not refined and are unfinished. It brings in a style of naturalness with the elements of wood and stone. Rustic interior designing looks incomplete without adding a fireplace to the room which looks welcoming. The fireplace is either made of stone or wood and gives the place a rustic and complete feel.

When the wood or stone gets weathered over a period of time and loses its shine then it adds the correct amount of statement of rustic appeal to the place. Rustic look makes a home feel cozy and warm with the feel of a natural look.