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By beachbetch on

​I am strongly considering transferring to a different college (which I just found out I was accepted to), mostly because of better academic opportunities and better weather (also much betchier than my current school).  Not that I don't love my current school and sorority sisters, but I know in my heart that I will be happier and more successful at the school I want to transfer to.  The only thing I am nervous about is the social aspect of transferring.  Obv I make friends easily and I will try to get involved with my sorority at my new school since they have it there, but I am still worried that I will have a hard time making friends and meeting the other betches at this new school since most friend groups seem to be established freshman year.  Has anybody gone through something similar that can give me any sort of advice/reassurance?? 



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  1. . says:

    Not sure if you’re aware but the good grades will not count at some transfer colleges. They just list them as fulfilled credits on your transcript and the grades will not factor in with your GPA. I got straight A’s for 2 years then transfered and it would not have made a difference whether they were As or Cs.

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  2. JAB says:

    I transferred schools after my freshman year and it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college career.  Don’t worry about being the lone wolf- especially since you plan on transferring sororities.  But even in your classes, your dorm or apartment complex or whatever, you will make friends.  It’s college for chrissake, you will make friends no problem.  Do what is best for you academically if that is what is most important to you.

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  3. ADubLJ says:

    Do it. College is not as clique-y as high school. Like the girls haven’t known each other since diapers so they should accept you (if you are like legit)

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  4. ErikaLuxe says:

    why did you not mention what the schools were? ARE they betchy?

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    • beachbetch says:

      well the school i’m transferring to has been posted about by the betches already so i’d say it’s pretty betchy…
      also thanks everyone for the reassurance i’m def gonna do it now xoxo

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