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Here I am living my every day life, expecting that everyone knows the difference between a bitch and betch, but oh boy was I wrong. Recent news (not the on tv kind, obv) has shown me that people are dumber than I thought and do not actually know the difference. My guy friends thought that it was just a girly way of saying bitch. So here I am, writing to all you betches in hope that you can help me to explain what the differences truly are, I wouldn't want to forget anything.

thanks betches, xoxo


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  1. duh says:

    bitch: someone, usually an ugly girl but not always, who thinks they are the shit. since they are ugly they can’t get away with this overload of self confidence, and are automatically categorized as a bitch. if they are a hot bitch, they are probably just really mean, which is NOT betchy, it’s just annoying.

    betch: someone who is always hot, always perfect. they like to party but still get good grades. even though they don’t give a fuck about anyone, they still come off nice enough to have lots of people like them. betchs have very high self confidence but also very high self respect and know where the line between trashy and chic is.

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  2. fuckoff says:

    bitch: describes oneself as “classy”; never classy.

    betch: knows how to present oneself in a way that commands respect without being annoying or fake; can be classy, always elegant (even while dressing like a slut).

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  3. Your Name says:

    bitch: someone everyone hates
    betch: someone everyone loves

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  4. Your Name says:

    bitch: a lame excuse for a girl. tries too hard, wears tacky wannabe trendy outfits, has shitty hair and make up, not clever in any way, calls out other girls to make herself feel better. the FEW times a bitch is hot, they are super slutty. has no self confidence

    betch: well its hard to describe to someone who is not a betch but good luck. they are conifident in themselves, sometimes we even have to not care about others at all. when we say things that some might think are bitchy, it really is just advice that any other betch would not only take but probably say too. we effortlessly can throw on a cute outfit (but everyone is human so sometimes we slip up) girls want to be us, guys want to know us. they know how to flaunt their talents without being annoying (unlike a bitch) and can mostly understand how to not be stupid when it comes to guys

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  5. betchtacular says:

    bitch vs. betch
    a bitch sucks, she’s rude, she thinks its cool to be a bitch but lacks the social finesse to make her rude comments seem funny or endearing, like a true betch would.  a bitch can have a stick up her ass, and offer her stupid opinion when its not wanted, whereas betches don’t give a shit about anything (a., they don’t eat, and b., they have to think about themselves, its too much effort to think of anything else), and when they do give a shit, they share it with their besties, not just any random person on the street (or fucking facebook, UGH). a betch is smart, but hides it because she knows she gets more of what she wants by acting stupid, a bitch is stupid but tries to act smert (um, why??? idk i’m not a bitch but they totes do), and finally, bitches are bitter and betches are better. wink

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  6. ahahaha says:

    betch = none of youu

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