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After three months of recovering from a tumultuous relationship I finally found another pro I especially enjoyed to fuck around with (literally and figuratively).  The only issue is that he (Not So Bro) and my ex have been progressively getting closer. I mean changing their relationship status on Facebook to "It's complicated" with one another, close. Simultaneously as that friendship grew, Not So Bro and I also began to form a relationship that was intimate, physically and emotionally. My ex has no idea, and going to a small University seeing them walk around together makes it quite awkward. Not So Bro and I have talked about the situation, both having no regrets but still feeling a little guilty. My ex and I met Not So Bro around the same time so it isn't as shady as it may seem. However, when we were hooking up I heard Not So Bro had been distancing himself from my ex and his group of friends. I have started to notice my ex and him are literally joint by the hip now.  At the same time we haven't hooked up in a while because we've both been away. He still messages me everyday and it's obvious we have feelings for each other, and it's more than just a hook up. I am not bitter nor seeking revenge on my ex, I just want to know what is the next step I should take. Usually I am able to assess boy situations but this one is just a little extra complicated. 

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  1. kc says:

    its shadier to keep it a secret cause it sounds like you and your ex kinda run in the same circle you dont have to throw it in his face but you dont have to go general petraeus on his ass

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