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​Hi I'm now a junior in college and I dated this kid freshman year that first treated me really well before pledging a frat and turning into a total douche (like most Pros seem to do).  So, naturally, I didn't see the point in staying with him anymore especially because he decided I was his object, not his girlfriend.  Long story short, we decided not to be exclusive and I took the liberty of making out with his frat brothers and basically approaching bat shit crazy betch territory.  Here's the catch: the sex was fantastic.  So, as any betch would, I continued to fuck this guy.  Fast forward to sophomore year: we hated each other.  No speaking, rare acknowledgments, etc.  We had two run ins where his aggressive self tried to fuck me unsuccessfully in a drunken stupor and left me a complete mess.  Anyway, I tried to stay away from him as best as I could.  So, now its this year...we had finally reach a point where we could be civil, even talk to each other and say hi (this in no way changes the fact that I think he is one crazy motherfucker that was obsessed with me freshman year).  Then one night, we had sex.  We have now had drunken late night sex 4 times...I don't see us ever getting back together because there are truly no feelings involved but as one of my friends put it "we're addicted to each other."  So betches, I need your help, should I stop sleeping with my ex before things get messy?  Or is this nothing to worry about?


Feelin like a crazy betch



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  1. Kate says:

    Stop seeing him.

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  2. Tea says:

    cut it off.

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  3. ampxox3 says:

    bitch please, if you can get yours (as in ah-mazing sex) without your sex toll going up and its easy and your already comfortable with this bro, then why the fuck not. Just make sure there are absolutely no feelings and let him know that you know the deal, strictly sex is all you want, but you have to be positive that is is all you want

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  4. betch1234 says:

    I would def stop before things get messy. I totally understand your situation as I have been through it myself, and still am going through it, but a bro from senior year of highshool. Ew. But whatevs I have recently decided that he is not worth my time because I am better than fucking him on the reg when I am home from college. If you are a true betch you deserve someone better, whether it be a boyfriend or a fuck buddy. Its almost new years.. so make it a resolution.

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  5. kc says:

    id say perf situation. sounds like hes still kind of obsessed with you therefore you can make him do whatever you want can you say entertaining? also he just sounds like a good back burner bro if the sex is good just dont be slutty about it you cant have multiple bbbs at once. ps you make it sound like he tried to rape you in that one part thats fuckin creepy and if true you should like mace him in the face

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  6. Emilayday says:

    Read The Betches HOW TO: Get rid of the WGA. Good luck.

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