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By jadlex on

My sister has always been rude to me, but lately it has gone too far. She's always injuring me and saying rude things, and today, she actually SPIT in my face! My mom is no help because she clearly likes my sister better and only steps in when I retaliate. My dad is hardly ever around, so that won't work either. How do I get revenge on her? Really good revenge I mean.



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  1. fucking duh says:

    uhh sweetheart, i think you’re probs a little young to be on here.

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  2. Umm says:

    Hire a therapist for that psycho bitch. Once she has to explain her actions to an adult, that will be revenge enough.

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  3. Your Name says:

    um no Im 20 & I have the same problem - this girl is a true betch because she doesn`t bow down to the authority of an older sister and the older sister doesn`t like that idea. Obviously your sister is psycho meaning she has secrets - find them & exploit them aka blackmail her with them - better yet, find them and don`t even bother blackmailing her with them, just straight up expose them for a well deserved punishment

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    • jadlex says:

      lol I am the older sister. That’s why she gets away with everything!

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  4. Dimes says:

    You still live with your parents…? Ew.

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  5. supbetch says:

    tell her she’s adopted

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  6. Issues says:

    Your sister clearly has issues. She prob keeps doing this stuff because you keep taking the bait and then you “retaliate” so she knows she’s getting to you aka winning. If you want to win at life you should make your life so fun and amazing that you don’t have the time or energy to continue being around rude/negative people.
    The childish/lame way to win though is to get something you both want. You having it and her not will drive her crazy and possibly make her feel inferior to you.

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  7. Ivy says:

    Take one of her favorite shoes and get rid of it.

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  8. Gamzy says:

    Haha betch no…follow my steps

    1.Find her screwed up secrets/fears.

    2.blackmail her a bit pycho like by either
    a)-sending her creepy emails,letters,candy,facebook,tweets,and all that bt dont ever let her know its you.
    Or b)-get her in major trouble by making sure your mom knows her very well believably embellished secrets that you know will disappoint her and get the bitch in trouble.


    1.the step will distract her,and make her paranoid so she will want to get closer/confide in a sister sisters are fetch

    2.this will drive a wedge between her and mom so mom will next time really listen next time she goes over the line

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  9. what? says:

    You guys are all crazy.  This girl is your SISTER.  how about you try talking to her? maybe she just wants some attention has a troubled way of showing it.  Normal people don’t blackmail or try to dig up secrets or get revenge on their sisters.  Try being a good role model for her and try to help her through whatever is bothering her. But, if she is acting this way because she is legitimately a sociopath, then get her help from a psychiatrist.  If you do 90% of the things people suggest, your mom is right to like your sister better than you.

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  10. Danielleee says:

    Punch her and call it a day

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  11. says:

    I’m with “what?” - she’s your sister. You’re stuck with her forever. Fix this shit. She probably hates you for some dumb reason and you need to be the older one and talk to her. It might be a pain in the ass, but eventually you’ll be glad you fixed it rather than fucked her over. Revenge isn’t for family. And don’t complain to your parents, how old are you?

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  12. cheers betch says:

    This is a comment for your other post “the dud” because it won’t let me comment on it.  You aren’t going to like this advice but here it is: get off of this website.  I think that it’s a fun and hilarious website but that’s because I’m an adult and I know what to laugh at and what to take seriously.  You are way too young and impressionable to be on a website like this that is telling you how to live your life and what expectations you have to live up to.  If you really think that your friends don’t like or appreciate you then it’s time to branch out and meet new people who will have as much fun with you as you do with them.  As for your sister, do not seek revenge.  Try to work things out and remember that she is younger and less mature.

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