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  1. KC says:


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  2. N says:


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  3. L says:

    Jackie was a one of the most classy women of all time.  Marilyn was a trashy hoe.  Jackie wins.

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  4. Jackie all the way says:

    If you even have to question, you’re not a true bitch, you’re just a new money hoe who wishes she had what it takes.

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  5. Mollie says:

    Jackie O, duh.

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  6. Gamzy says:

    Jackie:true def of a betch

    marilyn was a skanky fat honey

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  7. Your Name says:

    jackie is def betchier
    buttt marylin totally was about the idgaf life

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  8. hashtagbetch says:

    Like both. Marilyn just had this ease to her and everyone knew she didn’t give a fuck and was above it. SHe was kind of a slut but like, fuck it. Jackie was classy but thats like it, nothing really else to her. At least Marilyn liked to be crazy a bit. (in a good way)

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  9. Dumb question says:

    Jackie = Classy
    Marilyn = Trashy

    Yeah MM was like a beautiful famous actress, but she was also a presidential sized hoe

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  10. Emilayday says:

    Sounds like someone just read the book “Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Timeless Life Lessons” By Pamela Keogh. Yeah I own that shit. Both are extremely betchy, just different types of betchy.  And remember, nothing is more unbetchy than having to ask if something is betchy or not.

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