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4 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. betch101 says:

    first things first, you never like EVER discuss your number its soo tacky and its just inappropriate…like no offense to you but if a pro is asking you ur number, then hes clearly not that into you and/or has a hunch ur easy or something. because men are jealous as fuck….meaning they do not want to picture a girl they love/like/are dating banging x amount of guys and they most certainly dont want the thoought of ewww shes had 20 Ds in her V….soo in my opinion if hes asking you then move the fuck on because no guy wants to picture his woman with someone else or even wants to entertain a line of questioning that would pertain to this topic.

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  2. anon says:

    The pros I date are adults and therefore would never ask me that.

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  3. Ivy says:

    If it should come up, tell the rude questioner that you choose to keep your personal life personal, and then never talk to them again.

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  4. Lutzy says:

    lie and say 2

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