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4 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. ADubLJ says:

    That question is like asking is it okay to drive a Volkswagen? Well not really, mainly because it is a poor person’s car but also because it was the car of choice for the Nazi’s. Galliano certainly isn’t a poor person’s person but he does hate the Jews. Your choice.

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  2. Ivy says:

    Anti-Semites are seriously unbetchy. It will always be too soon.

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  3. bella says:

    you shouldn’t be wearing the close because there galliano you should be wearing them because you like them

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  4. Clarify says:

    “Is it too soon to start wearing Galliano again ?” I dont get this question—are you saying is it ok to wear Dior? I doubt people stopped. If you are talking about him designing for a new line ... I wouldn’t. That said, a large part of the fashion world seems to support him so maybe there was more to it. Then again, fashion is full of French and French hate Jews too.

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