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By jadlex on

​So here's my problem. I'm a betch in training, I'm kinda shy, and I feel like I'm losing all my friends! They're all really close with my frenemy (who I haven't told them is my frenemy but we both know). I'm definitely the dud now, and things have gotten a little better, but not much. Advice? Be detailed please! 



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  1. holy shit says:

    I saw your name and recognized it from all the dud posts that you have. Wait, every single one of them is about you being the dud.

    First of all it’s not something you want to admit, and definitely not be annoying about. This obviously seems like it’s been going on for a while now so it seems like you are the problem. If they are all becoming closer then maybe you need to really think if you even have anything in common with them. How can things get a littler better but you are still the dud? Makes no sense. I really do feel bad about being a bitch to you because I feel like in one way or another we’ve all been there, I can say that I was. But I didn’t sit around and cry about it, I went out and did something about it. When you show that you have low self confidence, people aren’t going to like you as much, end of story. If they don’t know that you guys are frenemys then how are they going to know that it’s hurting you?

    I just wrote a whole paragraph for you so feel like and maybe stop posting about your sad state of friends and do something about it, the internet won’t help.

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    • Your Name says:

      ^^^ I agree with this girl, but I wouldn’t have said it in such a mean way. It’s good that you’re trying to do something about this because you know that you were meant for better. Just show that you’re confident and make stronger friendships with the other girls and just pretend this other girl doesn’t exist. I can tell that you’re in middle school so you’re only about 10-14. These girls probably won’t matter in the long run anyway

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    • Your Name says:

      I agree in a way, but still this is a little unnecessarily harsh.

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  2. Your Name says:

    We’re all the “dud” at times! It will pass.  Once you stop worrying about it, you probably won’t feel like the dud anymore. If it doesn’t pass, take a look at your group of friends, they may be the problem.  Explore other people and find some new ones!

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  3. Your Name says:

    Sweetheart, I’ve seen your posts before and I think you’re really worrying too much about this. You mentioned in all your other posts about this that you’re still just in middle school and -like many others have said- everyone feels that way at your age!

    Don’t worry about trying to fit in with the ‘popular’ girls right now. surround yourself with friends who make you feel good about yourself, not ones who will tear you down or treat you like shit. Use your time in middle school to build up your self-confidence so you can start being a true betch in training once you get to high school. The girls who are cool now most likely won’t be so cool a few years from now. The ‘popular’ girls from my middle school have all ended up pregnant, in rehab, and are currently college dropouts living with their parents.

    Just be patient, be yourself, find a solid group of real friends, and don’t try too hard! That’s all you can do. There’s no magic fix. It’s hard to build up your self-esteem once it gets this low, so you’re gonna have to actively work at it. Creating a litany of online posts about being a dud won’t help. Stop seeing yourself as the dud and build up your confidence!

    Sorry this post is like super redundant but maybz that’ll help my message sink in. Good luck to you sweetie and please remember your social life can only improve from here! And just be thankful you aren’t one of those girls who peaks in middle school cause that shit is bleak.

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  4. calibetch says:

    The worst thing the dud can do is make an active effort to stop being the dud in her current group of friends. Like basically don’t be a Gretchen Wieners.

    The best thing you can do is act like you DGAF, blow off the current group of friends and start hanging with new people. This will either make you more desirable to them and they’ll start trying to include you more, or they wont give a fuck and will carry on as usual. in which case you can just be thankful you removed yourself from a group of people who you probably don’t have much in common with.

    in sum, you can only be the dud if you let yourself be the dud. and if you stick around desperately trying to gain approval from these girls who clearly dont treat you so great, you are letting yourself be the dud and things will either stay the same or just get worse. true betches know how to remove themselves from a toxic situation

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  5. Hailey says:

    I was also thinking about Gretchen Weiners. You’ve got to know how to be sneaky. The way you do it is little by little, be a little bit nicer to your frenemy and she’s going to look like a complete betch when she shit talks you behind your back to the other girls. But you’ve got to be sneaky nice. Two people who hate each other secretly know how to be mean to one another without anyone else knowing, ya know. Don’t make it appear like you’re trying though. However, if these betches want you to fall off-then they are going to try and make it happen somehow. So if your sneaky be fake nice to the frenemy betch doesn’t work, drop these girls and move on.

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