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By youngbetchista on

Hey Head Pro/ Betches- 

A few months ago I dated one of my closest guy friends (i know, never a good idea) but then i dumped him. I really liked him before we started dating, but after 3 months i decided I was over him. Fast forward to two months later when we both had enough time to get over each other (he was somewhat over me when we broke up anyway) and we slowly start to become friends again. I had really missed him and I was excited for us to start talking again (especially since we were partners or another companion that forced us to speak in all of the classes I have with him) . So we were friends for a while, and we have both hooked up with other people since then, but he apparently started liking me again. And I was fairly oblivious because he didn't tell me and just acted like his normal, yes flirty, self. And yes I flirted back, but it was all in good fun and we have never had a problem with the terms of our relationship before now. Anyway, last night he stopped by my dorm and told me that he still had feelings for me. Thinking that I had made it very clear that I did not like him back (when I thought he might like me I tried to friend-zone him as much as possible. Nevertheless, he did not get the signal and thought that I may have liked him back. Very high school but thats him. So I denied him and, trying to be nice, asked him what he wanted me to do. Well, aside from start doing him again. And when I spoke to our mutual friend (who knew about his feelings but not mine) about it, she told me that he thought I might like him, and I led him on and blah blah blah. Back to our meeting last night, we decided to be casual friends (no benefits) but that is not working out because we take so many of the same classes that I am forced to talk to him all of the time, but I'm stuck between trying to get him to get over me and wanted to be best friends like we used to be. 

Basically, I have zero feelings for him and I need to help him get over me ASAP. 


Sought After Betch 

P.S- our school is so small and in such a rural location that he doesn't have many more options if you factor out everyone he has already done/ dated. 

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  1. JAB says:

    So what the fuck is your question?

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  2. ummm says:

    WTF. You don’t just make someone get over you. They just get over you on their time. It might help you stop flirting with him and treat him as (wow!) a regular friend. Like honestly he was probably only your best friend because he wanted to date you… and then became friends with you again because he wanted to date you again… Honestly it sounds like you just wanted to talk about yourself.

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  3. Your Name says:

    This guy is either going to end up hating you for continuing to lead him on or become the ultimate re-friend zoned pussy who still sticks around hoping you’ll change your mind again.

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