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By HoCronin on

​betches, we all know we do it. too many shots deep, and our contact list seems like the best thing in our possession since this month's newest batch of lululemon attire. 5...6...7...43 phone calls and 94 text messages later and it's 4:30am and you're sobering up to a whole lot of contact with a whole lot of people you probably didn't want to talk to. Only, drunk texting seems to come in multiple different forms that all we betches know and love. 

the best betch. it's the one night you aren't out with your favorite betch, and around 1am, you really begin to wonder what she's up to. It usually starts with a casual "hayyy batch! where are you?!" and when there isn't an instant response, you make she she got it and you send the same text again. as she continues to ignore you, you get concerned. you send multiple texts with your betch's name and about 7 question marks following. This ultimately leads to the line in your recent call list that looks like: "fave betch (13)." the good thing is, if she's truly your best betch, she won't give a shit and will most likely thank you for your betchy concerns for her well-being.

the ex. we've all been here. we've all regretted it. it's a staple betch move. we've all drunk called out ex-boyfriends for a plethora different reasons. you either want him to know you still love him, ask him why he broke up with you, call him a douchebag, call his new girlfriend ugly, tell him he missed the best thing that ever happened to him, etc. just remember, the next morning act like no call was made and still show his sorry ass that he's missing out on the best betch he's ever going to get. 

the booty call. 100% self explanatory betches. we're drunk, and we wanna hook up, we text/call/snapchat our favorite hot fuck friend and you make demands as to a time and place. betches get it done. 

so betches, just remember, whether it's true or not, always claim you blacked out like a true betch and had no control over what who you called or what you said. 

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  1. Ivy says:

    this is like “first i went to the bathroom, then i washed my hands, then i walked out the door.” 

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  2. Gamzy says:

    Ohmy who are you?#no offence

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    • hahahha says:

      Gamzy your comment is the perfect response to this post. I couldn’t have said it better myself

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