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By supbetch on

​what do you do and how often? just a rec thing or are you a habitual stoner? worse? is it really that bad? i want all different types of betches opinions on this. and lets all get beyond the fact that its illegal.

personally i enjoy myself a doob or two to end the day, but i dont really fuck with anything else. ive done stuff like acid and shrooms on occasion, but i would never do pills or anything else.

plus i have a degree and a job and i'm not worthless.

what about you other betches?



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  1. Stimulent Betch says:

    If you’re not doing coke you’re not a betch.

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  2. Clean Betch says:

    Its better to be a clean betch, who is just a plain and simple fabulous betch. Some people say these kind of betches are uptight and annoying but there is nothing more disgusting than a drunk betch, stay clean, stay fabulous and most of all be a BETCH!

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  3. Your Name says:

    This “betch” sounds like a brownosing mom

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  4. Gamzy says:

    Yeah i completely agree with clean betch…although i will have to say that there are a few betches who are stoners as well but they are so clean,So much ul check your really clean self.

    That stoner betch is my best friend whom i swear Bitch in apartment something was actually about her!

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    • seriously says:

      who are you? like go away you don’t make any sense.

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  5. TheBetchInBlack says:

    I used to do a ton of coke, ecstasy and prescription pills of various kinds. I still smoke weed on the daily and will occasionally still do ecstasy, mushrooms and kpins.

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  6. White girl says:

    Ugh I love it too much..

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  7. Help? Maybe? says:

    If you’re doing blow like 5-7 times a week like every other week would you say that’s a problem? I’m in college so I feel like this is the time to do whatever I want…right?

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    • be careful says:

      can’t tell if you’re being serious, but if you are…yeah while college is the time to say fuck it and do whatever (i deff had my share of coke binges), blow is one of the MOST addictive drugs out there. so it may not be a “problem” yet, but it can (and at that rate, most likely will) become one very quickly.

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  8. Dr. Betch says:

    i drink, lots. everything else just never really appealed to me. i’ve tried weed, and realized id rather have a glass of wine to mellow out.

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  9. betchbetch says:

    I consider a bit of a stoner betch. I probably blaze more often than usual sb’s.. more or less everyday, usually a few times. but as a betch, i obviously still keep my grades up (enough) and socialize and am productive and shit. but habitual stoner for sure. to answer your question…no- it isn’t that bad. i honestly think weed brings out the best in me for the most part. does that make me a drug addict…? nah. ill go with stoner betch, i like that better.
    i aaaalso pop addy like its my job. not really. i don’t have a job i have an unpaid internship. but finals, papers due projects or some shit—i’m hundred percent on adderall/vyvanse etc etc etc the day before zoooooming zooming zooming. I’ve rolled (ecstasy) a handful of times. all at concerts/festivals. i try and space those times out more because it fucks with your body. Not that i ACTUALLY give a fuck, but sometimes i pretend i do.
    i’ve never done coke- i don’t even want to fuck with it that shit kinda scares me. shrooms and acid are definitely on my horizon soon and very soon. the end.
    dont do drugs stay in school

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  10. addled betch says:

    i have a bachelors from stanford and a masters degree from an ivy league school. it was at stanford where i had access to the best weed and began smoking everyday, and where i started using coke and molly. i still do all three, and drink too. the hard part is not letting it become too big a part of your life, but if you’re having fun and being social i say why not let off some steam and go a little wild. snort, drop, puff responsibly and try to keep your own happiness in mind. if you’re a betch, nothing else matters

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  11. bkinf says:




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