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By international_betch on

UGH this is too fucking sketch and too fucking shameful, but the title says it all betches. I'm glad to say that I'm finishing off this finals week on an excellent (cough, amphetamine-fuelled) note, but I've run out of my stash, my ex-source is refusing to give me more* & I know I'll need some for the coming shitstorm that is next semester. I go to one of the most prestigious & competitive prep schools in the world, let alone the country, hence the few people that DO have Adderall prescriptions here actually keep them to themselves. Also, while I'm going home tomorrow & could surely hit up some of my friends there, I'm an international student and I have no idea how available Adderall is my country. Sooooo... I resorted to going on Craigslist, & am now talking to some fucking sketchy Cameroon-based chemist who says that his company could mail me the Addy. And yes, I'm seriously considering this.  Should I do it or not? Also, if any of you have completed equally-as-risky transactions on Craigslist & come out unscathed, please let me know how that went. 

*My source was this kid I was hooking up with over the summer. He was a dealer/student at the university I was interning at, and his apartment was actually Candyland. After we left for the summer, we'd still talk a lot & I'd tell him how stressful school was, so he sent me this letter with 10 Addy's taped to it. When I tried asking for more, he started lecturing me about how bad amphetamines are and how dangerous it would be for him to send me another such letter, so basically he's out. 

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  1. The Head Pro says:

    If you buy some addy off Craigslist, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

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  2. BeenThereBetch says:

    I bought addy off craigslist whilst in desperation; however, I wouldn’t trust this mailing scheme at all. Find someone who will meet you to exchange in a public place, then you can bail if it seems sketch. GL!

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  3. hashtagbetch says:

    EW no stop now. Too sketch I’m sure you can find some before next semester

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  4. lolwut says:

    WTF. this is actually the second time someone is asking about this…..
    wait but actually, do it and write back here with the story.
    I’m actually, fairly sure that it’ll be safe and you’ll be fine so dwai.

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  5. international_betch says:

    Thanks for the advice betches - turns out all I had to do was bat my eyelashes and I got a new ‘care package’ in the mail 3 days ago! In response to lolwut, yeah it would’ve cleared up SOOOO much if I had actually carried out & got the shit off Craigslist, but we’ll leave that for the next betch who asks the very same question. X’s and o’s!

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