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By thebetchiestbetch on

​Washington University in St. Louis is a must. Not only is it full of JABS (the nickname is Wash Jew), but super smart, hot jewish boys who are on the premed and prelaw track. They totally follow the line "work hard, play harder." The dorms look like our dear friend Cinderella's castle, and the beds have tempur pedic mattresses. Plus, the absolute nicest Ritz is there, and they give discounts to WashU students! Obvs the only hotel a betch should stay at.



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  1. word says:

    agreed. also 3lau went there.

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  2. no says:


    Do UCSB, asap.

    Or UCLA considering that they dominated USC in football this year.

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    • .... says:

      are you stupid
      wash u is in st. louis

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  3. fuck that says:

    Emory’s better

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  4. better says:

    UVa deserves one… Playboy’s top party school and a srat star’s heaven on earth

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  5. WashU says:

    Washington U. is by far the best school ever!! PLEASE WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT.

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  6. wellllllll says:

    It depends, I mean there are too many Kappas who think they’re the shit because they had ID’s in high school and they’re not retarded and they blacked out at Linus… just like everyone else in this hemisphere.  But even so, WashU def doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. But I’d still rather go elsewhere.

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  7. wustl says:

    WashU is the best school! Totally do it because Im going to be an incoming freshman and I really want to know what everyone thinks about it!

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  8. lehighbetch says:

    Lehigh University is completely underrated. full of wasb’s, jab’s, mainline betches and westchester brats. do it

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  9. Shanny says:

    “Hot Jewish Guys”...That’s an oxymoron, right?

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    • JAB says:

      Gtfo. Clearly your not a betch if you haven’t seen the Hot Jewish frat boys. fucking ew get off this sight… anti-Semite

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  10. Meh. says:

    Hooked up with a guy from Wash U. pretty Meh. So by like obvious logic Wash U is totes Meh.

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