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By jfrank on

​Ok, so you cant wait to get home and finals week of course was HELL and you were DIEING the whole time, just complaining to twitter like its your goddanm boyfriend. You’re finally done and of course report to twitter and everyone else you know.. FINALLY COMMNG HOME! #laterfinals #helloNEWYORK.. So you are coming down from adderall so hardcore and all your besties are packing,and you just throw your necessities in a garbage bag and get the fuuuuuh out of there (your buying or getting all new shit for Christmas anyway). Yeah im talking my Alice and Olivia top in black garbage bag with my Jeffrey heel piercing out of it. Great combo. So anyway, you’re in the car and you take a deep breath like your going to moon, but yeah Washington dc, to long island New York is like going to the fucking moon. But u see nothing but cows and the jersey turnpike and by the time you get to the GW bridge your ether not even aware ur there or bitching to ur besties in jersey how annoying it is how much closer they live, or slowing down the rest of the traffic because you need to instagram or tweet pic the city skyline, that you has ATLEAST seen a million times. But if I instagram this in HUDSON on the HUDSON river, holyshit that’s tots going to get so many likes! #Hudsonfilter #hudsonriver Finally you get home, don’t unload the car until tomorrow of course, parents are asking you so many questions and but there’s a glass a wine in front of you so u stay, sit on your couch and wait for them to get out of your face. Then you continue to instagram pictures of your Christmas tree or whatever cute awesome shit your mom slaved over and you didn’t even tell her you liked. No you don’t see you friends yet, betch totally needs ATLEAST 24 hours to regroup from college besties to high school besties.



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  1. loser says:

    learn to spell.  what’s “dieing”?

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  2. M says:

    What was the point of this?

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  3. Your Name says:

    No self-respecting betch(let alone person) packs in a garbage bag.

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  4. yeah no says:

    “just throw your necessities in a garbage bag?”

    angelina, i can smell your eau de staten island dump from here…........

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  5. ugh says:

    ugh garbage bag packing wtf hannah from girls?

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  6. Your Name says:

    Don’t hate guys! Packing a garbage bag is a totally betchy thing to do!
    jk you only do this if you’re poor

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  7. kc says:

    i think this was pirated from charlie sheens diary circa before rehab
    also please add one more hashtag next time they really help everyone comprehend the deep meaning of this post

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  8. supbetch says:

    the only thing funnier than this try hard post is my fellow betches comments. dying

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  9. Emilayday says:

    I agree with Yeah No, hilar!  Also, how much coke did you take before you wrote this?  Enough to make you forget you ever learned the English language for sure anyways.  But I guess now I know what it’s like to spend a second in LiLo’s head.

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  10. PINKBetch says:

    “Going to moon”
    what the fuck

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  11. ew says:

    this is the worst thing i’ve ever read on this site. learn to spell. and please don’t stop in the city on your way to long island, thx.

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