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By ellabetch on

​Betches, I know the ideal betch is skinny, and obvi I wouldn't be talking about whales... But when it comes to curvy girls, what do you guys think? Like big boobs, big butt, NOT stick thin. I'm just asking because I've been dealing with lots of girls who are defs betch material, but they just don't fit the typical betch body. Like if she is wealthy, pretty face, and not fat but just has curves. I know the head pro posted saying how guys don't really mind if a girl is curvy, but I'm honestly asking what betches think about it.



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    • Emilayday says:

      Fucking stop. Seriously.

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  1. Your Name says:

    Honestly it’s all about attitude. If your confident who the fuck cares. Obv girls are going to talk shit I mean even if you are a model people will talk shit but just be confident and try not to give a fuck what other people think or say. Fuck them your a betch and they probably do their own nails like at their houses..

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    • Your Name says:

      agreed. like who the fuck cares? if you look hot then fuck it. some of the most gorge women aren’t sticks. and like you said, obv girls are always going to talk shit but most if it is prob cause they’re jealous they can fit into baby gap clothes and get mistaken for a 10 year old boy most of the time. if you like you, and are gettin pros and bros then obv you shouldn’t give a fuck what some dumb bitch says. hahaha its funny too, so many “betches” are always talking about how skinny they are, like who cares? im never going to meet you, and the more you say it, the more i roll my eyes thinking “yeah, you just ate mcd’s”. just be confident and if you have pros and bros fucking you, then you’re golden

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  2. lol says:

    I hate fat people in general. Boobs and butts are fat. Curves are for Dove Real Beauty commercials. You can have perfect boobs without being a curvy fatass, and you can have an awesome butt without being chunky. Fat people are fat. Tell them to starve themselves a lil bit and then you can be friends with them.

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  3. dearellabetch says:

    so idk if u have ever seen the movie pitch perfect or not…but anna kendrick is like anorexic no curves like kinda gross skinny….where as brittany snow is obvi not fat but has a good butt good boobs hips, etc…and then ofcourse theirs fat amy. im honestly a firm believer in proportions like if ur 5’4’’ 110 ish pounds with a boob job soo like C’s but u have no ass or just looks funny…same with people who have FAT asses and have no boobs its just weird. soo as long as it looks right (i.e. head pros J.Law example) ur good….in my opinion

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  4. Lutzy says:

    Strong is the new skinny!

    You should be skinny and then strong.

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