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By michk on

​I'm trying to choose where I want to study abroad this summer.. I'm thinking Prague.. have any of you been there? Or would I have more fun somewhere else? I was trying to go somewhere that not EVERYONE else has been (paris, london, barcelona etc.)



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  1. gaucha says:

    never been to prague, actually…..but maybe buenos aires?  i was just there, and it’s practically the europe of south america.  and if you go this summer, it will be winter in argentina, which means you can ski in bariloche!

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  2. Oz says:

    Sydney, best place to study and explore <3

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  3. andieOO7 says:

    i went to prague on vacation while i was studying abroad (I did a yr in paris). I would def recommend paris if you’re into the whole artsy/cultural thing…there’s a reason so many ppl choose it! the museums are AMAZING, and there are so many to choose from that it’s impossible to ever get bored. the architecture is fairy-talesque, the food is great, and french is a beautiful language. paris is BIG with so many diverse neighborhoods, so you can go to nice gardens, parks, take a stroll down the seine and have nightlife. nearby towns are only a train ride away and the french countryside is picturesque in the summer (think picking fresh berries and working on your tan) i’d say go to Prague if you want more of a partyparty vibe, but a whole summer in Prague just feels too long. and it WILL be summer aka HOT, so at least paris affords you the luxury of countryside weekends or after-class garden tanning seshes

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    • Marie Antoinebetch says:

      listen to this person who was kind enough to write all this shit out.  she is so right.  there’s a reason people go to paris.  i studied abroad there too and it’s unparallelled.

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    • Say what says:

      So going to a museum while studying abroad will keep you from getting bored? At least go somewhere that isn’t so overrated, and do not waste your time at museums staring at shit..explore the natural beauty the place has to offer.

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      • BrigitteBardOHHHH says:

        If you cant appreciate museums like le louvre you’re an idiot.  Go to Musee de l’Orangerie and then go to Monet’s home that inspired it (Giverny)

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  4. Denise says:

    Depends on what you wanna study…but I say go to Brazil. I guarantee you’ll have the best time.

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  5. zomg says:

    I studied abroad in Prague and it was absolutely the best experience of my life. It is the most enchanting old city and in the least expensive country in Europe. It is also a great hub, while I was there I also traveled to 10 other countries. Bottom Line: The party scene is great, weed is legal, beer is less than a dollar and everyone speaks English.

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  6. Your Name says:

    I studied abroad in Prague, and I wouldn’t recommend it. You should go to Paris or Barca and just visit Prague. It’s really fun but literally the only thing to do is go clubbing, don’t get me wrong, clubbing is the best, but the food is awful, there is not very much to see, and the shopping is terrible. And every city has clubbing, so you’re not really missing anything. So it’s an awesome place to visit and party but I wouldn’t study abroad there.

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  7. Catherine says:

    NO! Are you crazy? Go to London. Much better.

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  8. Maddie says:

    London. Definitely.

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  9. Lutzy says:

    Alright sluts listen up.

    Paris -sucks (apart from the shopping but you can do that any old time)

    Buenos Aires - lame. I can’t believe I got tricked into going there by all the people saying it was the “Europe of South America” - As. If.

    Brazil - areyoufuckingkiddingme? No.

    London - yes. But betches really should speak more than one language, come on.

    Barcelona - Was cool. I don’t know if I would want a whole semester there though. I was there for a month in the summer and that was enough.

    My vote:
    Aix - en Provence. - This town is so charming and filled with young people. There are like a bunch of universities there so there are tons of students. It’s in France (the classiest of the EU) and close to all the other great cities in the south of France (Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez). Also close to Barcelona and Milan if that’s your thing.

    Let’s face it - going somewhere where “everyone speaks English” is a cop out, and Spanish speaking countries are typically infested with disgusting men who whistle at you in the streets - gross.

    Tu dois apprendre une autre langue! Le Français est tellement joli et tous les garçons le trouve sexy wink! Bonne chance!

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