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By properbetch on

​hi betches

hope your're all doing well!!

so lately ive gotten pretty bored of my beauty regiment. its working and all but i feel like it needs to be refreshed and i want some new products and want to know what you fellow betches use and what works best!! im talking mostly like facial products that keep your skin mostiurized and acne free!


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  1. BetchHandbook says:

    yay my fave topic!!  good post.  personally i love sk II products for my face.  when i have a bad day i go to saks and pretend idk how good the product is so the sales person feels the need to “sell” it to me bc i love hearing all the good im doing for my face.  lol.  yep.  also i love oribe products for my hair & a weekly polish change for my nails, any old asian place will do.

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  2. omg says:

    the BEST moisturizer for my skin is Clinique Moisture Surge. I just does wonders for my skin. Honestly for acne you don’t need to spend a lot, Clean & Clear is perfect for keeping my skin smooth and perfect and you shouldn’t like go out to spend a lot of money for acne products if your skin isn’t that bad, like mine.

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    • Seriously... says:

      Those are the two shittiest skin care products out there, Clinique and Clean & Clear…they both are pack with harsh chemicals that dry out your skin and distort your natural pH balance, hence making your skin produce more oil in the long run. If it’s one thing to spend your money, it IS skin care products no matter how good your skin seems on the surface. Stick to brands like Lancome, Sk II, Babor from Germany, etc. and make sure to use a good toner like the ‘Tonique Douceur” from Lancome to restore your pH balance after cleansing.

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      • BetchHandbook says:

        Yeah I agree, sorry.  if the product cant actually penetrate into the lower layers of your skin, it’s like you’re just raking something really harsh and destructive across the surface.

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      • BreakingBaddest says:

        Sorry boo, i know that betches aren’t into doing work an all, but as a chem major, i would like to point out that you don’t know shit about anything you’re talking about. While you’re right about the harsh chemicals, you’re argument that they “distort your natural pH balance” is utter bull. Skin doesn’t have a pH… pH refers to acidity or basicness of liquids; skin doesn’t have any sort of pH no matter how many brands at Bergdorf’s claim their products can do wonders for keeping it maintained, and right now you’re being a basic bitch.

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        • Just because you're a chem major, doesn't mean you says:

          Wow, calm your fucking tits. Who stuck the stick up your ass? Calling someone a bitch
          for making a mistake about wording a sentence correctly is way out of line. All I know is
          my aunt has been working in skin and laser for 50 years and told me that toning restores your
          skin back to its natural state after using a cleanser which strips your natural oils. In this case,
          I misused the pH term as she probably meant that about the actual product, not skin. Anyways, point being that investing in a quality toner is worth it. Now go back to sticking your snout in someone else’s comment, “boo”.

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        • How embarrassing says:

          Oh and btw Einstein, I decided to do some research and turns out you’re actually Incorrect.
          Read this article, the second paragraph and start to feel like an idiot. “The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline your skin is. On a scale from 1 being the most acidic to 14 being the most alkaline, 7 is considered a neutral reading for your skin’s pH. Our skin has a thin, protective layer on the surface, often referred to as the acid mantle. This acid mantle is made up of sebum (free fatty acids) that is excreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, which then mixes with Lactic and Amino Acids from sweat to create the ideal pH, which should be slightly acidic at about 5.5.”

          I can tell your chem major is really proving to be beneficial. Dumbass.

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  3. BetchyProducts says:

    I really like Elizabeth Grady. The vitamin E cleansing gel, almond clarifying lotion, and hydrasurge repleneshing serum are what I use on a day to day. The clear up complexion pads also work really well if you have a break out.

    Another line of skin care products I use is Decleor, I bought a few products after I got one of my spa’s Decleor facials. My favorite is their clay herbal and cleansing mask and micro smoothing cream.

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  4. Your Name says:

    I love LUSH products. I have the Ocean Salt scrub and my skin is clear and amazingly soft. Clears everything away and leaves your skin like glowing. Its too amaze.

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    • makemeup says:

      that may be too rough to use on the face tho,right?

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      • Your Name says:

        I was worried about that at first, but its not. I mean I have super sensitive skin and its completely fine. And the salt clears everything up and makes your skin super soft. You have the glowing skin of a preggo bitch without having to be up the spout with fetus. totes amaze.

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        • makemeup says:

          lol… thanks for the explanation

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  5. makemeup says:

    Fresh is a great skin care brand. They have a rose petal face mask that smells delicious and is so luxurious and makes my skin feel so soft. Chanel and Nars also have expensive but great skincare lines that keep skin looking and feeling really good. Another tip is to make sure you exfoliate, even though you may have oily or acne prone skin, at least twice a week. try the nars double refining exfoliator Hope .this helps! xx

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  6. violettak says:


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