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By cnderellabetch on


​trying to get another music thread going on here since the betches REFUSE to post new music / playlists on here anymore. anyway, here's some to start...

By JASPbetch on

birthday spot

​hi betches, I need the advice of the all worldly betchdom. What are everyone's top recommendations for a 21st birthday dinner spot in NYC? Not having a...

By meangirl on

World Cup

​Hope you betches have all been watching the World Cup.  I've officially decided that Germany will win it.  Fucking Nazis!  Do you agree?  I'm really...

By proGBFF on

SB lust or nah?

Embrace yourself, this is a long as fuck story, but I need some advice.​I used to see myself as a strong betch who was in total control when it came guys...