Fitness Pros Share Their Success Stories

It is an established fact that exercise is essential for stable health, however, not many people subscribe to the package. This is mainly as a result of ignorance as to the impact of exercise in a person’s life. People all over the world have shared stories of how exercise have helped them conquer diverse life …


Seven Indoor Garden Hacks

Emily Dickenson was a recluse who found companionship in a garden she grew in the Dickenson’s house, the Homestead. Every morning, she worked in her garden and drew inspirations for her poems from her burgeoning greens. You are probably wondering how a garden can serve as companion. Well, a beautiful garden does the magic. Here …

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Racket Sports from Around the World

Skill, spirit, confidence, and respect are a few things you can say about good sportsmanship. The joy and happiness the spectators get during a sports event are inevitable, and sometimes you can never explain this feeling. Racket sports is not strange to most people. Rackets sports mostly involve players hitting a ball back and forth …

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8 Awesome Podcasts from Every Interest

Technological growth means that a lot of things get increasingly popular and common. One of such things is Podcasts. The 2014 podcasting hit Serial ensured that podcasts are now a thing. Anyone who owns a microphone and a mixing desk can now create their own podcasts. With this increased exposure to numerous podcast options, sometimes …

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Top 8 Beaches In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its many beaches and islands. But in the multitude of beaches that surround the country, a hand full of them stand out for their beautiful blend of sand and surf, the man-made infrastructure that surrounds it and the hospitality which the management provides. In case you are thinking of a …