Top ten games for your IPad

We all know ho revolutionary smartphones were. They changed the consumer electronic landscape drastically and more importantly, changed the way humans interact. A modern smartphone packs more processing power than early NASA spacecraft and cameras that can produce some stunning results. Evolutionary steps in screen quality, battery life, and heat efficient processors gave smartphones the …

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4 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change the Future

Virtual reality is very popular in the gaming community. Applications for this technology are very widespread and are really only limited by a person’s imagination. There are many other ways virtual reality can change our lives and help us create better experiences. The military, for example, uses it to simulate training conditions or even put …

Missed a Mortgage Payment? Here's What Happens With Mortgage Defaults
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Missed a Mortgage Payment? Here’s What Happens With Mortgage Defaults

Are you late on a mortgage payment, or worse, missed a mortgage payment altogether? Here’s a guide on what will happen if you default on your mortgage… The total value of outstanding mortgage debt by American homeowners amounted to $15.4 trillion in 2018. When you have a mortgage, it’s important to comply with the terms …

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7 Game-Changing Web Tools for Real Estate Agents

Your real estate sale game can change drastically when you use one of these web tools for real estate agents. Real estate agents are in charge of juggling many responsibilities at once. They have to update social media, manage marketing, generate leads, respond to emails and calls, coordinate meetings, plan showings, and more. Thankfully, software …

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Playing With Fire: 5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About How To Use A Fireplace

If your house came with a fireplace, chances are you don’t know how the heck it works. Hint: It’s not just there for decoration. Here’s how to use a fireplace. Around 60% of new homes are now being built with fireplaces. It’s a trend that’s becoming more popular over the decades, and for good reason. …