California State Speeding Laws

California State Speeding Laws Defined: 2019 Edition

Whether you’ve lived in California your whole life or just moved here, it is vital to understand its speeding laws. The rules of the road in the Golden State are unique. First, it’s important to recognize there are three main categories of speeding laws in California: Basic speeding law Presumed speed limits Aboslute speed limits …

Riding your motorcycle

Gadgets Every Motorcycle Rider Needs

Riding your motorcycle is thrilling, but have you ever wondered how you can upgrade your experience to get even more fun out of your rides? There’s plenty out there to take your bike to the next level without breaking the bank. Plus, adding new dimensions to your hobby can only make you love riding your …

Testing Oils
Health Hobbies Life

Types of Lab Tests that can tell if CBD Oil is Pure

The CBD industry is relatively new and has been around only for about a decade. Despite that, people are not well aware of the therapeutic properties of CBD- the compound found in hemp and cannabis. This is because CBD has been greatly confused with THC, the compound found in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. Emerging …


Do I Need a Formal Degree to Be a Court Reporter?

Court reporting is one of the most overlooked jobs in the legal system, but it’s absolutely critical. Courts can’t function without an accurate record of the everything said in the courtroom. Court reporters are also present during depositions that happen outside the courtroom. It’s a fast-paced career that always requires you to be on your …

Healthcare Jobs
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How to kick off your career in healthcare

Healthcare is the chosen career path for millions of nurses, care assistants and many more throughout the country – and it’s with good reason: healthcare is not only a skill that is in demand in lots of different institutions and environments, but it’s also a highly rewarding one given the power it holds to change …

Unused Belongings

3 Tips for Converting Unused Belongings into Money

Who couldn’t use a little more cash in their wallet? Whether you’re in a pinch and need a surge of money, or simply would like to minimize the old things in your home productively, here are three tips to help you convert things you don’t use anymore into money. Sell Old Jewellery Do you have …

Home deco

Tips on How to Stage for a Rental Showing

Home or apartment owners looking to sell their property are often encouraged to ‘stage’ for potential buyers. If you are new to the real estate market, you may be unfamiliar with what exactly staging means. Staging a home or apartment simply means fixing and decorating the property so it’s as appealing as possible for potential …


5 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Phone Signal

  In this day and age, you’d think you’d be able to get a good mobile phone signal wherever you are. In many homes though, signal is still poor and it makes using your phone frustrating. Since you do so much on your phone, you really need a way to boost your signal. Here are …