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The Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

Planting and getting closer to nature not only creates a beautiful surrounding, soothes the soul but also offers plenty of mental health benefits of gardening. Every year, around 20% of people in the US experience a mental health issue. That’s almost 47 million individuals suffering from a debilitating illness, annually. It doesn’t discriminate. Anyone of …

Cool is the Rule
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Cool is the Rule: 5 Creative Ways to Style Your Sneakers

Sneakers are cool, but you can look even cooler by finding unique ways to wear your kicks. Discover 5 ways to style your sneakers that will make heads turn. When it comes to fashion, we’re seeing more of a pivot to athleisure than ever before. This comes as a huge relief to fashionistas everywhere. Finally, …

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7 Signs That You Are Being Cyberstalked and What to Do About It

If you’re being cyberstalked seek help right away. Keep reading for 7 signs that you are being cyberstalked and what to do about it. It’s undeniable: we live in a digital world. And while technology has done wonders for connecting people from all walks of life all over the world, it can also pose a …

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The Dramatic Transformation of Modern Churches :10 Ways Churches Today Are Breaking the Mold

If you haven’t been to church in a while, today’s modern churches might surprise you. Here are 10 things that’ll change what you though you knew about church! Churches have been around for centuries. In fact, the oldest church dates back to approximately 233 AD. This is the Dura-Europos Church in Syria. However, before it …

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Help I’m Broke! How to Pay for an Emergency House Repair

An emergency house repair can strike unexpectedly making matters worse when you lack the finances to fix it. There’s plenty of assistance programs that can help Do you remember how it felt to walk across the threshold of your first house? You were probably bursting with pride and bubbling over with anticipation of all the …