Costa Rican sunset

Enjoy Every Slice of Inclusivity in Costa Rica

So? Who wants to immerse oneself in the unfathomable abundance of love, peace, warmth, magic and intimate culture? Costa Rica is in every sense a must have in all yearly bucket lists. If destinations could be packaged and bought online, Costa Rica could be an essential ‘add to cart’ for every buyer. Its palpable and …

Axe Throwing

Give Your Bachelorette Party An Edge – Try Axe Throwing

  Some women want the prim and proper bachelorette party– complete with the tiara, matching dresses and high heels – and you certainly can’t fault them. After all, just like the actual wedding itself, the bachelorette party is an event that a lot of women have dreamt about since they were girls. But increasingly, you’re …


7 Important Tips to Blow Drying Your Hair Like a Pro

Anyone with strong and healthy hair knows that taking care of it is not simple. With busy schedules, very few people have time to visit a hair professional for the appropriate treatments that their hair needs. As a result, there is an increasing preference for DIY maintenance because of its convenience and ability to allow …


3 Unique Ways to Jumpstart Your 2019 Weight Loss Resolution

The New Year will be here before you know it, which means countless Americans are starting to give serious thought to making their 2019 resolutions. According to a survey, 45 percent of Americans said that their 2018 resolution was to lose weight or to get in shape. But a recent report from US News found …