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By belladolcebetch on

So clearly, as you may have gathered from the title... I have an issue with a wanna-betch I've been friends with this girl for a few years, but only recently did we get close, which I'm now REALLY regretting, because she's so far off from being a betch that it's not even funny. Well... she's 200 something lbs so I guess it's kind of funny. 

I swear to you all, she wants to be me. She tries harder than any boyfriend I've ever had has to get in good with my family, any brand I like, she automatically likes... and she does it to my sisters and even brother too! She buys things I say I like before I get a chance to... like we're talking next day. She switches music taste and "hates" a certain genre one day if I don't feel like listening to it that day. Even the things I eat and drink, when I go on gym kicks, when I change my hair... she even will buy clothes in my size!! Now this girl should be in 2-3x clothing, picture that. She used to do this but in a much less extreme version with every friend she'd be around that particular day, just dressing like them... but she's adopted my entire life now, and it's scary.

I know it's all out of jealousy. I mean obviously, right? But it's at the point now where I'm really noticing how she puts me down to make herself feel better about seriously everything and that's not okay. Having confidence is one thing, but when you're bestie starts getting downright cruel, enough is enough. I totally get betches being bitches, but a friend is a friend and when something good is happening for someone you're close to in their life, you should be happy for them... or at least fake it, am I right?! All I get are insults and negative comments or underhanded compliments. She's so passive aggressive and I hate it. She questions me and berates me like she's an evil, jealous, psycho boyfriend. She does it in front of my family and to my friends, which is the worst, but to strangers too - like if I get a compliment - she practically screams something out to counteract it and like, a reason for why they shouldn't say that and they all just kind of stare at her... it's embarrassing. No one wants to be around her, including me now, so I'm slowly distancing myself.

It's just so shitty because she tries to flip the situation around and make it seem like I'm following her every move. She "forgets" or won't even remember me declaring that I liked something or said I was gonna do something, and she also believes she's not a follower! I can't even count the number of times those words have spilled out of her mouth... she's the biggest wanna-betch I know, and the saddest part is that now I constantly feel like I'm in competition with a fat chick for dibs on MY OWN LIFE. Knowing she exists is actually eating away at me, and I feel like I'm falling into her (massive) shadow, which is just that of a fatter, uglier, unfunny version of myself.

If any of you betches actually read this far, then I'm both disappointed in you and thankful... now my question is, what the fuck do I do about this life sucking thing before I lose my sanity?  Or just give me your thoughts on this stupid shit, and also, if anybody's ever dealt with something like this, I'd love to hear about it because I'm seriously just at a loss here.



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  1. Mollie says:

    Because I’m bored in class I actually read that novel of a post you just made. Hate to say it, but I actually feel sorry for this girl. She wants to be like you but sounds like she never will and she’s insecure. When she puts you down call her out on it and if she argues then bring up all her shit you put up with. If you blatantly call her out on copying you it will def embarrass her which, because you haven’t already, doesn’t seem like something you want to do. Just keep doing your thing and liking what you like. You don’t have to be best friends with the girl, so let her figure out her style when you’re not around all the time. Or just let her copy someone else.

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  2. supbetch says:

    okay its obvious that you dont really like this girl and are getting peeved. so why not just tell her so? you don’t have to be a bitch about it, but don’t feel bad about telling her how you REALLY feel and not sugar coating it. it sounds like your still in school and trust me this girl needs a reality check before she joins the rest of us in the real world. you’re probably doing her a favor

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  3. belladolcebetch says:

    Thanks guys… I actually really felt sorry for her too, up until the point of it affecting me in a negative way. I wish it were that simple to just bring it up and snap her out of it, but there’s just no hope there… I’ve tried and she just acts like she’s not doing it, when it just CAN’T be possible that she’s unaware. She’ll buy whatever, and then show it to me like “omg! Look at my new ___!!! Isn’t it cute?!?!” I can’t even count the number of times that’s happened… and I always respond with a blank stare and mentioning how I said I was getting whatever it is she’s showing off, and she’ll say she doesn’t remember me ever bringing it up then change the subject. If I were to call her out, she’d most likely laugh at me and tell me I’m not good enough to copy off of and just put me down so much that I’d have nothing to say. There’s a thousand and one things I could retaliate with and throw in her face to make her bawl her eyes out, but I would never go there to someone I actually care about so I just let it go.

    It really seems like she just hates herself and her life so much that it’s making her hate me and my happiness so she wants to drag me down to her level… it just sucks because we used to have so much fun going out and even doing nothing together, but she’s turned into such an unbearable person to be around.
    And that’s the sad thing! I don’t know if by “still in school” you meant high school, but we’re actually both juniors in college. I’m embarrassed to even still be dealing with problems like this, because I’ve done it before… back in middle school. It’s just so juvenile. Thanks for the advice though, I’m working on distancing myself, and if this doesn’t work then I guess shits gonna be going down in the near future.

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  4. PINKBetch says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve read a whole book online, and I agree with you that it’s just jealousy, this girl is obviously making up in areas that she lacks by coughing up cash to try to be cool (that happens - a lot.)
    I would say ignore, because people wanting to be you isn’t really an issue, but if you seriously want to do something about it. Call her out on it.

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  5. Aja says:

    Get as far away from her as fast as you can! I just had the exact same thing in my life and a bitch like that is TOXIC and CREEPY! This tried to ruin my life and my relationships by being a two faced liar. she was way too sweet to my face…. and i took her in cause i felt bad for her—- then she started doing everything i did… liking the things i liked… wearing the things i would wear…. saying certain things that i would say… smoking the same cigarettes i smoked… trying to make friends with my close friends and boyfriend- she acted sweet to my face but behind my back all she did was talk shit about me and spread lies -
    when she realized i was on to her backstabbing jealous and manipulative ways -  her true colors and bat-shit crazy side came out full force and i finally cut her out of my life for good. girls like that don’t change - this girl you’re dealing with most likely has no girl friends of her own or at all- and probably for good reason. cut her off and cut her out… a “friend” like that has nothing good to offer - the only thing she does is leech and take and suck the life out of everyone around her.

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