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  1. loser says:

    too cold.  ucsb is better

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  2. headbetch.incharge says:

    NO Wake Forest blows BOTH of your schools out of the water. for starters, it’s $58,000 a year…

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    • gross says:

      If you have to brag about the cost of your tuition, you’re probably paying student loans.

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  3. Really says:

    I am so sick of everyone promoting their shitty colleges.

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  4. Law School Betch says:

    I go here for law school and while it is an expensive private undergrad, it’s also extremely nerdy. The Greek life is pathetic. The “houses” are right next to the law school and I have never observed one entertaining, or even fun looking, thing while coming and going from the law school at all hours of the day/night. While it’s a nice campus and there are likely a lot of wealthy students, the students also must work really hard in school and therefore don’t have the amount of time necessary to make this school “betchy.”

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  5. Shanny says:

    If you’re going to write about a private Midwestern school - pick Northwestern. It’s true, the dorms are top notch, but WUSL is way too Nerdy, has a small Greek life, and is way too striving of a school.  Just chill out a sec.
    Northwestern may not be the “betchiest” school (we have to do work) - but at least we have smart kids that are socially competent, greek life, and Big 10 athletics.  Plus, Chicago > St. Louis.

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    • Katy says:

      I was accepted to Medill and chose WashU. Never regretted it.

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  6. Briana says:

    I attend this school. I don’t want it on this list.

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